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Being Wealthy Comes With Social Responsibility Too, Say The Children Of Hungary’s Richest Person

By Tamás Székely // 2017.12.29.

The Hungarian edition of Forbes magazine has made an interview with three grown-up children of Hungary’s wealthiest person, Sándor Csányi, news portal reported. Attila, Gabriella and Péter not only talked about their work and business plans, but also about their family life and childhood.

Head of Central Europe’s biggest lender OTP Bank, owner of Hungary’s market-leading agribusiness Bonafarm and President of the Hungarian Football Association (MLSZ) Sándor Csányi is known as Hungary’s richest person with an estimated wealth of 294 billion forints (USD 1.05 billion). In 2015, he became to first ever Hungarian, who made Forbes magazine’s list of the world’s 1,700 wealthiest people.

However, Csányi’s grown-up children says they have experienced not only the bright sides of being wealthy. Attila, who works at Bonafarm, told Forbes he also saw some sort of danger in richness, because “it often makes people think they are special, smarter or better than others.” It was great to have a opportunity to travel and learn, and later work and earn a lot but I’m not extraordinary person just a hard-working one, Attila insisted.

“When I was a child I thought our lifestyle is normal but later I had to realize we lived under very special circumstances”, said Gabriella, adding however, that her mother always taught them how to remain modest and helpful. Speaking about her work, Gabriella mentioned a startup (Like Locals) she founded jointly with two of her university friends. Answering a question about his father’s plans for the future, she just said he would work tirelessly as long as he can move.

“We have always traveled a lot across the Hungarian countryside, we know the country is much more than Budapest’s 2nd and 12th districts”, Péter Csányi noted. He says he loves to work in Hungary because there is much more opportunity to create something new in Central Europe than in the West, where “everything is already settled.” “During my work at OTP Bank, I’m always seeking something to which I can add extra value”, Péter added.

via and; featured photo: János Marjai – MTI