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On The Way To Self-Destruction – Historian Mária Schmidt On Europe’s Real Troubles – Part II.

Hungary Today 2015.12.11.

Nobody can have any doubt anymore about the painful fact that the European Union is desperately lacking in any defense capability of practical use. It is becoming increasingly evident that the reason for the European community’s lack of a common army or border control force, indeed for the lack of will or any effort to set up one, is the absence of commonly held values that its members would see as worthy of protection. Consequently, this community does not and cannot even have a shared future vision, and thus it cannot forge itself into a true community. This is how things are despite the fact that the potentially devastating immigration crisis we are witnessing could offer a good opportunity for Europe to put the cohesion vacuum, resulting from the collapse of the Soviet Union, behind itself and to gear up for the 21st century by channeling all the diverging forces in the same direction.

The first part of the essay can be found here.


Part II.

“Political Correctness Is the Most Intolerant System of Thought to Dominate the British Isles since the Reformation.” Peter Hitchens

Just let us take a look at those three countries of Europe – Germany, Austria and Sweden – whose leftist elites are the most strongly committed to unlimited Muslim immigration! They are the ones who keep tirelessly sermoning everybody about democracy, respect of human rights, the obligation to observe humane considerations and the nature of modern-day Nazism. The first two of the above three countries are ruled by large coalitions. Sweden is headed by a quasi-minority government with external support given four years in advance! (Long live checks and balances!) Austria’s post-1945 history is based on a compromise between the Christian democratic and the social democratic elites. The two parties usually form a coalition government, and that is also the case now. They control all appointments, and all positions – even holidaying capacities – are distributed on the basis of party membership booklets. It is only natural that this principle is also applied to public service media. The press is controlled by way of direct state subsidies, along with shares from the dividends of the National Bank of Austria. (Oh, how nice a thing such an autonomy is!) “What socialists are doing here in Austria is none other but criminal acts” – Thomas Bernhard said in Heldenplatz, a play that has been quite a success on Hungarian stages as well.

Merkel does not like democracy much either. Until Merkel’s election large coalition – as the CDU/CSU-SPD government is often referred to – was something like a rarity in the history of post-war FRG. Merkel, however, seems to quite like it, as she is heading such a government for the second time. Consequently, one must be exceptionally gifted to be able to distinguish the former rivals, the political left and the right, from one another, particularly when both are equally grey and boring. What has come to be termed as “merkeling” dominates the entirety of political life in Germany. That is to say, all public matters are trodden deep into boredom and triviality, decisions are always postponed and issues are fragmented into irrelevant nuances. Other than conformism and saving money, Germans have no shared passion left by now. As the great German poet Heinrich Heine stated more than a century ago: Germans “need neither freedom nor equality. They are a speculative race, ideologists, prophets, and sages, dreamers who live only in the past and in the future, and who have no present. (…) The German has nothing for which to battle… It cannot be denied that the Germans love liberty but it is in a different manner from other people. (…) The German loves liberty as though she were his old grandmother.”

“Tolerance Is the Attitude of Those Who Do Not Believe in Anything” Chesterton

The aim of Merkel and the elite ruling with her is none other but replacing the German people and the European peoples with a multicultural, globalized and Muslim – but before all else, cheap – labor force. Because Merkel cannot stand either Germans or Europeans. She is particularly disdainful of Germans, who will forever remain Nazis and collectively guilty, as was also confirmed by the German court’s verdict in the latest Auschwitz case. In relation to an average person who worked in an administrative function in the Auschwitz camp, a German court of the 21st century found that regardless of whether one perpetrated any crime in person – i.e. whether or not he killed, tortured anyone or behaved inhumanely with anybody in any other way – he bears collective responsibility, that is, he is a mass murderer. But the truth is that when one passes a collective judgment, one protects the actual perpetrators, spreads and relativizes responsibility for their actions. If anyone, a Christian politician should be aware of this. The only problem is that having an opinion contrary to the above would qualify as politically incorrect. And why should one have a contrary opinion when all of the above apply only to the personnel of concentration camps that had been operating up to 1945 before they were taken over by the anti-fascist allies. It is only natural that the above do not apply to employees of communist lagers. In their case even personal responsibility needs not or even must not be established.

What is today’s inclusive, Islam-friendly Germany like then? A Germany whose chancellor and media keep bringing the Muslim migration wave to an equal footing with reunification with the German territories that had been under Soviet occupation! Solidarity between brothers with alien invasion! Now this is truly a fine example of self-surrender! And perhaps Germany might not necessarily be content with whatever has been achieved during the last 25 years in the integration of the East German provinces. Unemployment is nearly 10% there – twice the rate recorded in the Western parts – and the per capita GDP is about 75 % of the figure in Western Germany. Projections show that these differences are not going to be eliminated during the coming 25 years. Should energies not be focused on this project, rather than anything else? Integration does not seem to be such an easy task after all, it takes a long time and lots of tact, even if the two sides share the same language and culture.

The miracle twenty five years ago: the quarter-century anniversary of the reunification of Germany and Europe proved that today’s Germany is unable to celebrate. They could not put up a monument in Berlin, they could not make a single meaningful gesture towards those who risked so much when giving a helping hand to those fleeing from a dictatorship. Even here in Budapest all the German embassy managed to do was to stage a reception that ended up rather awkwardly, as it took around 40 to 45 minutes of waiting before invitees could get into the Museum of Applied Arts. Until then, they were just standing in a rather tight space among the scaffolds put up around the building. The ambassador and the green party Bundestag vice-chairwoman willy-nilly shook hands with the guests, greeting them in English(!). There was nobody standing next to them to tell who everybody was. Clearly, they were not very interested, to say the least. There was some sound system installed inside but it cannot have been tested because in that case somebody would have noticed that even trade union hotels fared better during the communist era. Both the ambassador and the vice-chairwoman managed to deliver uninteresting and dull speeches, discussing checks and balances more than anything else, while the key organizers of the Pan-European Picnic were standing in a corner. No words of gratitude were addressed to them and not even any friendly comments. How unworthy it all was! Are German speech writers so expensive that even the vice-chairwoman of the Bundestag cannot afford to use their services? Or did these speeches befit the lack of quality that had come to be so characteristic of them recently?

I cannot recall a single gesture of affection from Chancellor Merkel towards her own kin. She seem to like only “Syrian refugees”. She never quotes from a German book, poem or film. She rarely makes a reference to German or European history. When she does, it is all for the worse, as all she can talk about in this regard is the Holocaust. Yet it should be time to quote Goethe: “Sir, my need is sore. /Spirits that I’ve cited /My commands ignore.” For her situation today is perfectly illustrated by the above lines.

It is important that the German chancellor is versed in numbers and has a good command of an Excel spreadsheet. She is a master of camarilla politics. But she has no gift, knowledge, experience or affinity in relation to what ultimately counts. She has not read enough, she is not erudite enough, she has no flair for historic processes and, most sadly, she has no respect for the human factor. Were she but a tiny bit more widely read! Were she but a little bit more humble in regard to the accomplishments of her predecessors! She could find it easier to understand processes if she had read some works of fundamental importance, for example, The Captive Mind by Czesław Miłosz, in which he writes – among other things – about the ketman phenomenon. That is, about the fact that according to Muslim teachings a faithful must not expose himself to an attack from the unfaithful; instead he must exercise ketman. This means that among enemies he must publicly deny his views but use his wits to trick the enemy as completely as possible and thereby protect himself and his kin. By exercising ketman, the faithful gains the upper hand over those he has managed to trick. He ridicules them and this fills his heart with true joy and contentment. In other words, even if some of the invading crowds pretend to have become westernized, i.e. they do not look down on the unfaithful and women, and they do not detest homosexuals, and they integrate in the western societies, this will be none other but play-acting on an extensive scale, or: ketman. A centuries-old survival practice.

“Economics Is Not the Central Problem of This Century. It Is a Relative Problem Which Can Be Solved in Relative Ways. Faith Is the Central Problem of This Age.” Whittaker Chambers

We used to dream here in Central and Eastern Europe in the days of yore about how we would be able to live in freedom and wealth like people in the western half of Europe, in the not too distant future. Now we know that the only way we can attain living standards equal to those of the west when their living standards come down to match ours. Like or not, it is our damage. But we will not give up our freedom and national self-determination that we managed to take back at such difficulties. We want to exercise our right to decide about our own fate rather than those modestly talented politicians at the helm of the European Union, or Germany, which has taken over exclusive leadership of the Union, and France, which has to do with a secondary role. We want none of the multiculturalism that has been such a flagrant failure over there. If the German industry needs new, cheap and unskilled labor because it cannot make Germany’s own citizens work and finds Europeans too expensive, it is just as well, but it is no reason for flooding the continent with untold numbers of migrants entering its territory without any control whatsoever. We do not want to take over from the Germans the ones from whom they do not expect to be able to profit but whom they have invited here for ideological and PR considerations. If the German chancellor is convinced that they can “manage” (just like Obama used to say – Yes we can), that is, they can deal with 1-1.5 million immigrants a year (with no limit, as Merkel still keeps repeating), then let it be her and the German voters’ business. If she does not find this to be enough, she may escalate the issue into a tensile testing for the Union. If she makes such threatening declarations as “those who do not want to participate in a just(!) distribution of refugees will have to be sent a clear-cut message: Germany will reduce the amounts of its contributions” (Julia Klöckner, Focus, 26.10.2015), we can boycott German goods. For this time German arrogance is facing a whole region! Or is it that Germans think we are so stupid that we cannot see that it is exactly them who are enjoying most of the benefits of the Union? Since more than half of Germany’s national income comes from exports, they are pretty heavily dependent on the buyers of their products. Moreover, both the British and the French have made it clear – behind the scenes – that they are no longer going hand in hand with the Germans running amok. The French are planning to seal their border with Germany and the British have declared that they will not participate in taking migrants over. As to the Germans’ moral imperialism (to which Viktor Orbán also objected with indignation), both the British and the French argued that it was immoral to invite millions of people to Europe without being able or willing to accommodate them. (Jochen Buchsteiner, FAZ, 10.11.2015.)

“A Country That Has No Elite and No Role Models Has No Future.” Helmut Kohl

What we are witnessing is a moving intifada challenging the intellectual terrorism reigning over Western Europe. The intellectual terrorism of the West European political left and that part of the moderates on the political right who have come to identify with them against Europe’s citizens. They are raving in unison in order not to appear racist, unsympathetic or intolerant, not to fail to fit in with the exclusive club of the tolerant. Instead, they go against the will of their voters. (There must be a reason for the more than 650 attacks, mostly in the form of setting fire to immigrant shelters in Germany. Along with more than 200 similar incidents in Sweden, where the number of “hate crimes” has exceeded 6000. (I let the reader imagine how the western progressive media would have responded to even a single similar incident in Hungary!) They hash up the terror threat posed by the influx of migrants – and make it be hashed up – along with the appearance of Salafist recruiters, the upsurge of unstoppable migrant violence, such as raping women and minors helping or travelling with them. Or such as arson, provoking of mass scuffles, throwing of stones and blocks of concrete. Or even criticizing the food and shelter they are provided with and the increasingly aggressive and unrealistic demands they have come to be making on a daily basis.

Western mainstream media are finding it increasingly difficult to cover all of these things up. Just dare to break the omerta – as did the editor-in-chief of Steirerland’s regional paper called SteirerkroneChristoph Bíró, when he made mention of how groups of Afghan migrants were behaving in Austria – and you will be sacked and reported for having committed a hate crime. This is why 43% of the adult population of Germany thinks – according to a survey carried out by the public opinion research company Allensbach Institute in late October – that people in Germany are not allowed to freely express their opinions about the migrant crisis. According to 47% of the German population, the media provides a biased coverage of the crisis. The percentage of those concerned to some extent and those deeply concerned about refugees increased from 85% in August to 92%. At the same time, the ratio of those not concerned at all dropped from 11% to 7%. One in two German residents feel politics has become detached from reality and more than 50% of them think politicians do not pay enough attention to people’s interests. 71% of the respondents said some of the reasons for the crisis had their roots in Germany.

So we are facing a serious problem. This Western European elite, with its media and politicians, can see the value in everyone – but their own folk. And this is because what motivates them is self-hatred. And the biggest problem is that they have completely depleted their democracies by now. They are now millions of miles away from those who are outside their own circles so they practically no longer speak the same language. This is because the majority population’s day-to-day problems are way below the altitude at which they exist. What the majority see as reasons for concern, the things that dominate their everyday lives, have not much to do with how those of the elites can progress in the political and editorial rat-race. Those of the elites believe that the torrent of migrants has nothing more to do with them than offering opportunities to declare – by siding with migrants – their commitment to the fight against racism, Fascism (whatever they mean by that), clerical reactionism (excuse me, I nearly forgot, today this is called anti-Christianism, there you are, how much more agreeable it is in this form), while pledging their belief in multiculturalism. It was the same way during the Soviet era, when the elite toasted themselves to soot by taking sides with the official ideology. During those years they fought against Trotskyism, deviation to left and right, and of course, imperialism, with a view to the interests of socialism, using a language nobody else but themselves understood. That was the language of socialism. Today this is the language of western political correctness. When will they start talking in the language of the majority, talking to and for the majority? To make politics in the interest of the majority?


The original essay was published in Hungarian on 12th of November 2015 on latoszogblog.hu.


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