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Final Exam Period Begins In Hungarian Secondary Schools

Robert Velkey 2016.05.02.

Today and the coming period of May and June is one of the most exciting and momentous days for school-leaver secondary school students. The line of matriculation exams has started today morning with students in their final, fourth or fifth secondary school year writing papers in Hungarian Grammar and Literature, as well as Hungarian as a Foreign Language exams.

Orosháza, 2013. május 6. Egy diák a magyar nyelv és irodalom érettségi vizsgán az orosházi Táncsics Mihály Gimnáziumban 2013. május 6-án. Reggel nyolc órakor a magyar nyelv és irodalom írásbelikkel folytatódtak az idei érettségik, középszinten 1214 helyszínen 83 255 vizsgázó, emelt szinten 50 helyszínen 1805 diák tesz érettségit. MTI Fotó: Rosta Tibor

Students had 240 minutes to write their tests in Hungarian Grammar and Literature tests, beginning at 8:00 a.m. this morning. They have to fill out two sheets; for the comprehension part 60 minutes and for the text creation part 180 minutes remains for them. The comprehension part contains an essay, journalistic text or popular science writing to read through and give the correct answers about the text. In the text creation part of the exam they have to write about one of the three eligible short texts.

This year the optional text creational part works of the exam could be the next ones:

  • Interpretation work about a novel by Áron Tamási
  • Argument about a piece by Sándor Csoóri
  • Comparative analysis of Mihály Vörösmarty’s Liszt Ferenchez and Gyula Illyés’s Bartók

According to the statistics of the Hungarian education authority, this year 112 000 baccalaureates set to the table and grabbed a pen to write the test, a strong median of the last 18 years statistics.

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The number of the applicants for advanced-level matriculation exams increased in the last 5 years as it can be seen on the poll. On the diagram you can see the number of the exams by the kinds of the exams. The left edge shows the advanced leveled ones and the right edge shows the middle leveled exams.


Wish good luck for the examinees because the results of the exams determinate the recruitment process to the universities for the baccalaureates.

Via: mti.hu; nlcafe.hu
Photos: kozepsuli.hu; friss.hu; mti.hu; Tibor Rosta/MTI

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