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Water Polo: Hungary’s Female Team To Fight For Ninth Place In Kazan After Triumphing Over Canada

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.08.03.

The Hungarian female water polo team will compete for ninth place on Wednesday after defeating Canada 10-7 today at the 2015 World Aquatics Championships, held in Kazan, Russia.

The difference between the two teams in skill was apparent as soon as the game kicked off, with the Canadians only being able to throw the ball towards Hungarian goalkeeper Flóra Bolonyai’s net twice during the first quarter, which saw Gabriella Szűcs and Dóra Kisteleki score one goal each for Hungary.

In the second quarter, the Canadians balanced the game before Hungary took the lead again with a goal thrown from afar by Rita Keszthelyi (3-2); following another tie-in score by the opponent, Keszthelyi scored another spectacular goal for Hungary. Canadians put on a persevering fight in the second half of the game, finishing the third quarter 6-6, but Hungary quickly pulled out in the final phase of the match with three goals scored first by Keszthelyi and then by Barbara Bujka and Anna Illés. Three minutes before the match ended, Canada narrowed the Hungarians’ lead to two goals, but their final hopes evaporated after Bujka hit the net again.

The team, coached by András Merész, will meet with the winner of the match between Brazil and Kazakhstan on its last showing on Wednesday to fight for ninth place.


Hungary-Canada 10-7 (2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 4-1)

Goals scored by: Keszthelyi 4, D. Kisteleki,  Bujka 2-2, G. Szűcs, Illés 1-1; for Canada: Wright 2, Valin 1, M. Eggens 1, C. Eggens 1, Robinson 1, Bekhazi 1

via samsungsport.hu
photo: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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