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Water Polo: Hungary Secures True-To-Form Victory Over South Africa In 17-4 Win

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.07.30.

Defending water polo world champions Hungary have beaten South Africa 17-4 in the second round of the 2015 FINA World Aquatics Championships in Kazan, Russia. The performance means that Hungary has already come first in its group irrespective of the result of the third match, automatically qualifying the country for quarter-finals.

The team, coached by Tibor Benedek, secured a much smoother victory at the Wednesday match than against Kazakhstan on Monday, when it defeated the Central Asian country 14-5, with Hungary’s Dénes Varga alone scoring five goals against the South Africans. Considering that Kazakhstan proved expectations right and beat Argentina also on Wednesday, it is now certain that Hungary has progressed to quarter-finals irrespective of the outcome of the country’s last group match. Hungary will take on the South American country, which remains without points after two game days, on Fridays.

“Compared to the South African team’s strength, we took the match seriously. The players took it as seriously as I did. My adrenaline wasn’t pumping more than theirs was and they weren’t more wired than I was – this is how we were on common ground, which was ideal. We managed to practice a few things, but this didn’t really matter We’re unable to draw any experiences from this match, but of course we had to play it out. This is what’s going to happen against Argentina, or even more so, so we’ll have to prepare alone and train ardently for the enxt week, the fourth, genuinely important match”, coach Tibor Benedek said after the victory.

Group C, Round 2

Hungary – Republic of South Africa 17-4 (5-1, 3-0, 4-2, 5-1)

Dénes Varga 5, Hárai, Erdélyi 3-3, Vámos 2, Hosnyánszky, Szivós, Bedő, Angyal 1-1; South Africa: Molineux, Jagga 2-2.

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photo: Anikó Kovács/MTI