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Water Polo: Hungarian National Team’s 9-Goal Victory Over Romania

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.03.18.

The Hungarian national male water polo team continues to lead its European qualifying group with a 100 per cent performance in the world league after defeating Romania in Bucharest by nine goals on Tuesday.

The Hungarian national team won confidently with a result of 14-5 and, with its fifteen points collected over five matches, continues to lead the group, also including Greece and Slovakia. The group’s closing match will be held on 14 April against Greece in Hungary.

“I think we were able to solve the problems we had in defence compared to the previous match and were much more confident and efficient in exploiting our human advantages”, Hungary coach Tibor Benedek said after the match, held in the Romanian capital’s brand-new swimming pool.

World league, European qualifiers, Group A, Round 5:

Romania-Hungary 5-14 (2-2, 1-5, 1-3, 1-4)

Goal-scorers for Hungary: Erdélyi 4, Vámos 3, Dénes Varga 2, Dániel Varga, Német, Manhercz, Salamon, Hosnyánszky 1-1

via index.hu
photo: waterpolo.hu