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The Warmth Of Families – Number Of Children Born To Married Couples Increased

Robert Velkey 2017.04.26.

The number of children born to married couples increased last year, suggesting that the traditional family model has become stronger and more stable, the daily Magyar Nemzet said, citing a Central Statistical Office demographics survey.

Last year the number of marriages was the highest in more than a decade and divorces flat-lined. The number of abortions also dropped last year, the paper said. Fully 93,100 children were born last year, up 1.5% from the previous year.


While the crude birth rate only increased slightly, the total fertility rate hit a twenty-year record high. The only reason there was no demographic breakthrough was that the number of women of reproductive age had fallen significantly, the paper said. Last year saw a reversal of long-term trends. For instance, the number of parents under the age of 30 deciding to have children increased for the first time in decades, the paper added.

via: hungarymatters.hu

photos: nextfoto.hu; baptist.hu