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The War On Christmas Intensifies

By Hungary Today // 2015.12.15.

In the face of renewed liberal attacks on the Christmas spirit and Christmas itself, once again we must step up to the plate and go to battle to stand up for what we Christians believe in. 

When temperatures drop in November and December, the war on Christmas heats up in the United States. For many, Christmas isn’t just a time to count blessings with friends and family, it’s a season so vital that defenders of the faith must remain vigilant lest it be desecrated. “Christmas is under attack in such a sustained and strategized manner that there is, no doubt, a war on Christmas,” wrote FOX News host John Gibson in his aptly titled 2005 book, The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday Is Worse than You Thought.


In the USA, a nation that is overwhelmingly Christian (63 percent in a recent poll), literally any sign of Christmas in public can now lead to complaints, litigation, angry protests, threats, and bruised feelings. Every year the limitations get tighter and tighter and spread to more and more communities, far from the big liberal cities. In Washington, D.C. the U.S. capital, it is a hundred year-old tradition to light the giant Xmas tree in front of the White House for all to visit. This year, at the President’s suggestion, the tree will no longer be officially called the White House Christmas Tree, it will be called the White House Holiday Tree. Where will this perversion end?

Secular liberals say they’re just protecting the constitutional rights of non-Christians who don’t want to see or hear about Christmas. But sensitivity is a two-way street. What about the constitutional rights of millions of Americans who simply want to celebrate their traditional holiday—without insulting anyone else but now having to hide behind closed doors? What makes it worse is that these attacks are not sporadic, but are rather systematic. The coordinated work of American Civil Liberties Union lawyers, professional atheists, and Christian haters who have taken the war on Christmas to your front door.

Controversies have arisen regarding the celebration or acknowledgment of the Christmas holiday (or the lack thereof) in government, media, advertising, retail, and various secular environments, particularly in the United States, but this epidemic is spreading quickly to other parts of the civilized world as well. The controversy also includes objections to policies that prohibit government or schools from forcing unwilling participants to take part in Christmas ceremonies. In the past, Christmas-related controversy was mainly restricted to concerns of a public focus on secular Christmas themes such as Santa Claus and gift-giving, rather than the birth of Jesus. Yet, for us Christians, it is about Jesus Christ, the first-born child of St. Mary the Virgin who changed the world!


Modern-day controversies regarding Christmas occur mainly in countries such as the United States, Canada, and to a lesser extent European countries such as the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, for example. The modern rejection of Christmas usually involves governments or corporations avoiding the day’s association with Christianity to be multiculturally sensitive. In recent decades in the United States, public, corporate, and the federal government mention of the term “Christmas” during the Christmas and holiday season has declined and been replaced with a generic term, usually “holiday” or “holidays,” to avoid referring to Christmas by name and/or to be inclusive of other end-of-year observances such as Hannukkah, Chanukah and Kwanzaa. Also, several US chain retailers, such as Walmart, Bloomingdales, Macy’s and Sears, have experimented with greeting their customers with “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” rather than with “Merry Christmas”.

Some supporters of using terms such as “Happy Holidays” in place of “Merry Christmas”, including some atheists and agnostics may remind others that many of the symbols and traditions that Western societies have come to associate with Christmas, such as caroling, Christmas trees, mistletoe, holly wreaths and yule logs, were originally syncretized from pre-Christian pagan traditions and festivals that predate Jesus. They argue, then, that such symbols and traditions need not be directly associated with Christmas. Some of these agitators have promoted the generic term “Holidays” and avoidance of using the term “Christmas” as being politically correct, which is actually nothing less than a self-serving autocratic (non-democratic) perversion of society and traditions.

On the other hand, some of the decries by conservatives that liberals are trying to destroy Christmas have been exaggerated. There were also some radicals in society who found this to be an opportune moment to stir up racist feelings. In the beginning, of course, there were the Jews. “The whole record of the Jewish opposition to Christmas…shows the venom and directness of [their] attack,” wrote automaker and notorious anti-Semite Henry Ford in 1921, citing efforts around the country to silence Christmas carolers and suppress demonstrations of religion in schools. By the 1950s, blame had shifted to the Communists. “One of the techniques now being applied by the Reds to weaken the pillar of religion in our country is the drive to take Christ out of Christmas,” complained a 1959 pamphlet (the overpunctuated title: “There Goes Christmas?!”) issued by the newly-formed John Birch Society. The society also assailed United Nations “fanatics” who were trying to “poison the 1959 Christmas season with their high-pressure propaganda.”

So there you have it: according to some radical conservatives, the war on Christmas is a conspiracy of godless latte-sipping liberals, greedy retail tycoons, bearded ACLU communists and Ban Ki-moon acolytes who secretly gather in Bay Area synagogues to smoke pot, deface Bibles and perform abortions. Of course, this may be overstated. On the other hand, every sign, every new development points in the direction that the concept of Christmas somehow irritates the secular liberal elite.


This “Happy Holidays” fad is not unfolding by accident. The neoliberal establishment is bent on atomizing society at every level in order to gain more control over people. Their aim is to destroy everything that connects people: family ties, nations and religions. Therefore, Chistmas being one of the most significant Christian festivals must be deprived of its original, spiritual value.

Hungarians in Central Europe thankfully have been spared these subversive attacks so far. Although there are signs of similar politically correct movements spreading in Hungary as well, the liberal establishment will have its work cut out if they want to convert thousand year-old traditions in this fiercely independent minded overwhelmingly Christian country. It will not happen soon. The same goes for other countries in East-Central Europe.

So, let’s be defiant, chant and sing out loud all across the globe: HAVE A MERRY AND BLESSED CHRISTMAS TO ALL! And frankly, if anyone does not like it, they can go fly a kite, they can also take a long walk on a short pier, go jump in a lake or take a flying leap off a galloping goose… Amen.

Adam Topolansky