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“Wage Equalization For Europe!” – Says Gabor Vona Jobbik Party Leader


Jobbik would start an initiative to make the wage equalization a European founding principle – Gábor Vona, the leader of the party has announced. He has highlighted the “European wage union” would morally fair, legally feasible, and economically profitable. He referred his idea as a possible European referendum which would need one million signatures from 7 countries to make the Committee put the issue on the agenda. He thinks the probable allies for this proposal would come from Central-Europe.

Ha also mention that the people in CEE region have been waiting for a narrowing wage differentials inside the Union, but it has not happened yet. During the last 12 years the income gap has remained but the prices have become the same between the Western and the Eastern part of the EU.

He admitted it cannot happen day by day, but if we do not make any aims to reach, we won’t see improvements. He also said at the press conference that the Union is before a renewal, these are the last hours to make proposal for the 2020 budget period.

Vona has drawn attention to at working poverty. He said 2017 will be the year of revolt – he referred to Oban’s words, ha also used same metaphor – but a revolt against the working poverty.

Via MagyarNemzet