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Putin Hints At Historic Hungary-Romania Territorial Dispute In Bloomberg Interview

Tamás Székely 2016.09.05.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin told Bloomberg in a lengthy interview, that if someone wants to debate the topic of Kaliningrad (Königsberg), then the rest of the post-war borders of Eastern and Central Europe, including the question of Transylvania must be discussed as well. Click to read the full interview here.

if someone wants to start revisiting the results of World War II, well, let’s try to debate that topic. But then we need to debate not only Kaliningrad but the whole thing, from the eastern part of Germany to Lviv, which was part of Poland, and so on and so forth. There’s also Hungary and Romania. If someone wants to open that Pandora’s box and start to work with it, go ahead. Take up the flag and go for it. (Vladimir Putin)

As a result of the enforced Peace Treaties after the First and Second World Wars, Hungary had lost two-third of its historic territory and 3.3 million ethnic Hungarians were left outside the borders of Hungary. The largest ethnic Hungarian communities outside Hungary currently live in Romania (close to 1.5 million), followed by Slovakia (around 500 000) and Serbia (300 000) and Ukraine (150 000).

via bloomberg.com and mandiner.hu