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Justice Min: V4 Offers Strong Alternative to United States of Europe Utopia

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.02.16.

The Visegrad Declaration, signed by Hungarian Prime Minister József Antall, Czechoslovak President Vaclav Havel and Polish President Lech Walesa on 15 February 1991, laid the cornerstone for 30 years of cooperation in central Europe, Justice Minister Judit Varga said on Monday.

Varga said on Facebook that thanks to the V4 alliance, the region has become the engine and fastest-growing area of the European economy in 30 years.

She added that the Visegrad Four was more than just an economic grouping, but it is a a community of values closely linked by Christian culture, national sovereignty, history and respect for traditions.

“In recent years, the Visegrad Group has been able to offer a definite and strong alternative to the utopia of the United States of Europe, boldly advocating the idea of a Europe of Nations,” she said.

Orbán: V4 Slated to be 'Influential' in European Politics if They Grow as a Bloc
Orbán: V4 Slated to be 'Influential' in European Politics if They Grow as a Bloc

The Visegrad Four countries must try to grow together as a bloc and if they succeed in that they are slated to become “a player” in global economy and politics, as they will also become influential in European politics, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said, opening a Budapest office of a Polish PR firm on Thursday. […]Continue reading

“Together, we stopped immigration, defended our borders and put Central Europe on the world map, in both economic and political terms. We have said together that instead of more Europe, we want a smarter Europe, which must be based on respect for nation-states and Treaties,” she added.

Featured photo by Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI