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Visegrad Countries To Set Up Battle Group, Hungary Contributes 700 Troops

Tamás Székely 2015.04.25.

Hungary will make the second largest contribution among the four Visegrad Group countries to the military battle group they plan to set up jointly by 2016, the country’s defence minister said in Tomášov (Fél), in western Slovakia. Csaba Hende attended a meeting of his counterparts representing the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, the other three countries that form the Visegrad Group. Participants explored prospects for building closer defence cooperation within the V4 countries and discussed related objectives. Its main focus was the planned 3,000-strong battle group.

“Hungary will contribute more than 700 troops and substantial military capabilities to the battle group which is to become part of the common defence structure of the European Union”, Minister Hende said at the meeting. He added that with this, Hungary is the second largest troop contributing nation in the battle group beside Poland. The Minister also noted that the military aspect of V4 cooperation enjoys the highest degree of support in Hungary, and our country is committed to deepening this cooperation further. According to plans, the V4 Battle Group will be a complex combat unit, deployable at very high levels of readiness and capable of very intensive operations. It will be placed on stand-by in six-month rotations, with duties to be performed in the interest of the European Union.

At a press conference held after the meeting, the Ministers answered a question from the press about the V4 countries’ approach to Russia, which may be different in the questioner’s opinion. “I am convinced that we share the same views on this matter, and I think we have already made it clear through our actions so far”, Slovakian Defence Minister Martin Glvác stated. “Hungary’s membership in NATO and the European Union is the cornerstone of the security of our country, and in this community of values we attach very great significance to cooperation with the Visegrád Four countries”, Minister Hende pointed out in his answer.

via hungarymatters.hu and kormany.hu photo: Csaba Krizsán – MTI