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V4 Countries Aligned on Variety of Issues, Survey Finds

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.01.23.

The Visegrad Group countries are aligned on a variety of issues, with two-thirds of voters saying the countries share a number of characteristics, a political analyst said on Wednesday, citing a comprehensive survey of V4 citizens by the pro-Fidesz Nézőpont research institute and the International Visegrad Fund.

Fully 47 percent of voters in the V4 countries identify as conservative compared with just 24 percent who are leftists and 29 percent who are centrists, Márk Lajtai, senior analyst at Central European Perspectives said at an event, detailing the survey’s results.

Hungary is the “most right-wing” of the four countries, followed by the Czech Republic, with Poland having the most left-wing voters, Lajtai said.

Fully 51 percent of respondents said they were satisfied with their government’s family policy.

On the subject of the economy, the majority of respondents said they were cautiously optimistic about their country’s economic performance over the next five years.

The institutes conducted a representative survey by asking 1,000 adults in each of the four countries.

In the featured photo illustration: the Prime Ministers of the V4 countries. Photo by PM’s Press Office