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VinCE Budapest – Deluxe Wine Weekend In Hungary

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.01.28.

Wine lovers, trendsetters, connoisseurs and hundreds of international wine professionals will gather together at the splendid halls of Corinthia Hotel Budapest on the first weekend of spring. 1000 wines from 160 exhibitors are waiting to be discovered on the 6-8 March, when a day ticket entitles You to taste all the carefully selected quality wines of Hungary and its guest countries.
During the past five years the VinCE Budapest Wine Show has earned a remarkable reputation thanks to both the eminent speakers from all over the world and the exceptional wines presented on the masterclasses. This year the program offers nearly 30 courses attracting not only wine lovers but also winemakers and experts. One of the highlights are world champion champagnes and sparkling wines, among them the prestigious Champagne Ruinart. Another focus theme is the trending biodynamic viticulture represented by Bordeaux Chateau Pontet-Canet, Alsace and Austria wineries, and, last but not least, the Somló and Villány wine regions of Hungary.
You can discover the New World wines of California and New-Zealand or study the best wines of Tokaj and Hungary via the best selections showcased at the fair. You can also test your own preferences at the interactive blind tasting, where some well-known fine wines are available alongside less famous but equally outstanding examples. Throughout the
weekend’s program premium rosé wines and a Michelin-starred chef will convey all the splendour of French Riviera for your delight.
A detailed programme of the event is available at, with more detailed information about the wine flights and exhibitors available later.