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Video: Tourists Love Budapest!

By Tom Szigeti // 2017.08.17.

Today, Hungarian news site Mandiner released a video of interviews they conducted with tourists on the streets of Budapest. And while individuals’ precise opinions of the city differ, and although there are some things about the country that foreign visitors didn’t like, overall, the message is clear: Budapest is “such a beautiful place,” a “very nice city” with “very nice people.”

In terms of the positives, tourists interviewed by Mandiner listed the “friendly people”, the “beautiful architecture and views of the city, the vibrant night-life, and the fact that it is a historical big city that is still “cheap and cool”.

When asked what they didn’t like about the city, many simply responded that they “can’t think of anything.” Some complaints that did come up, however, included tourists’ views that Budapest is a “chaotic city,” that it’s “a little dirty,” and that the Holocaust is not clearly represented. In addition, one tourist, a history teacher, took particular exception to the city’s House of Terror Museum, describing it as “pretty rubbish.”

Mandiner also asked tourists about the first thought that came into their mind when they heard the word “Budapest.” For some it was gulyás soup, for others the baths and the city’s architectural wonders, and for many of the younger interviewees, it was, unsurprisingly, Sziget Festival, the world-famous music event which came to an end this week.

Via Mandiner

Image via Tamás Mészáros – Flickr

Video via Mandiner YouTube Channel