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Verzió Documentary Festival: Over 100 Documentaries Coming to Budapest

Fanni Kaszás 2017.11.08.

At the 14th Verzió International Human Rights Documentary Festival, 99 documentaries from 44 countries will be screened in Budapest between November 14th and the 23rd. 

This year marks the first time that the Trafó Contemporary Arts House will host the opening events and masterclasses, while screenings will be held in the Toldi, Művész and Kino Art Cinemas.

Hungarian director, Kornél Mundruczó will open the festival. The first film to be shown from the selection is Zaradasht Ahmed’s Nowhere to Hide, winner of the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival. The film is about the life of a nurse in war-torn Iraq.

Verzió Film Festival, the only festival of its kind in Hungary, has been organized on an annual basis since 2004. It aims to promote open society, democratic values, rule-of-law, freedom of expression, political and cultural pluralism, and to expose abuse and global human rights violations through creative, quality documentaries. Verzió has grown dynamically over the past 14 years, with more than 80 thousand visitors and 700 documentaries screened.

Nowhere to Hide (Zaradasht Ahmed), photo: verzio.org

This year, the festival will focus on films that want to influence: they show the human dimension of today’s political, social, economic and environmental crises and the forms of solidarity that emerge in response. Alongside screenings, Verzió implements independent discussion platforms such as round table sessions, open debates and Q&A-s with filmmakers, human rights activists and civil organizations. Verzió aims to engage the broader public in the discussion on human rights.

International Jury awards honor the best debut and student film on the base of their professional excellence and creative approach. Members of the jury are Isabelle Gattiker, director of the International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights; Bojána Papp, motion picture dramaturg, television and radio director, producer; and one of the leading Romanian political filmmakers, Alexandru Solomon.

In addition to the International Jury, the Student Jury is organized to promote young critics, and free educational screenings are held for high school students during the festival.

Between 23 and 25  November, a selection of the documentaries will be screened in Szeged (Grand Café Cinema) and Pécs (Apolló Cinema).

via hungarymatters.hu; verzio.org

featured photo: humanrightsfilmnetwork.com

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