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Vast Majority Of Hungarians Fear Terrorism, Survey Finds

By Tamás Székely // 2017.04.03.

Seventy-two percent of Hungarians fear that a serious terrorist attack killing more than 100 people will occur in Europe in the next few years, a fresh survey released by the Nézőpont research institute said.

But only 20% of the respondents said it was likely that a terrorist attack of such a scale would be carried out in Hungary. Fully 61% said they expected that around a million migrants would seek to make their way to western Europe through Hungary. A relatively small proportion, 21%, feared that there would be a third world war and even fewer people, 17%, said that Russia would attack an EU member state in the next few years. Asked about domestic politics, 46% of respondents said they expected no change in government next year, whereas 40% said the opposite. Less than 17% expected that an all-new party would win next year’s elections, the survey showed.

Nézőpont conducted the survey by asking 1,000 people by phone between March 24 and 27.

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photo: Police officer of the Hungarian Counter-Terrorism Centre standing in front of the Parliament building in Budapest