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Varga Announces 8 Pc Minimum Wage Hike for 2019, 2020

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.01.01.
The minimum wage in Hungary will increase by 8 percent on Jan. 1, the finance minister announced on Sunday.
It will go up by another 8 percent a year later, Mihály Varga told a press conference after a two-year agreement was reached during talks in the permanent conference of employer, employee, and government representatives (VKF).

On January 1, 2019, the increase will bring the gross minimum wage to 149,000 forints (EUR 461) and the guaranteed gross minimum wage — the minimum wage for employees with certain qualifications — to 195,000 forints (EUR 604).

According to a finance ministry statement, all social partners of the government accepted the agreement except for trade union federation MaSzSz.

Via: Mti