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Valley of Arts Festival to Host Over 1500 Events

Fanni Kaszas 2018.05.11.

The Valley of Arts, Hungary’s largest arts festival, awaits guests with more than 1500 programs, hundreds of artists and dozens of venues over the course of 10 days between July 20 and 29.

The event is hosted by three villages north of Lake Balaton: Kapolcs, Vigántpetend, and Taliándörögd.  Last year, the 27th Valley of Arts attracted around 200,000 visitors. The festival is held in small yards, valleys, streets and village houses, where visitors can bump into anything related to arts: an improvised theater show, handicraft workshops, folk dancers or a concert.

Performers include Hungarian jazz singer Veronika Harcsa, Hungarian music groups Quimby, Kiscsillag and Hiperkarma, British singer Rebecca Ferguson, and music groups Asian Dub Foundation and DePhazz, organisers said. The festival, a prominent fixture in Hungary’s festival scene, last year attracted some 200,000 visitors.

via MTI

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