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V4 Defence Ministers Urge Closer Cooperation

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.09.23.

The defence ministers of the Visegrad Group agreed at their meeting in Ostrava on Friday that cooperation must be strengthened in all areas of defence between the four countries.

The three-day meeting hosted by Czech Defence Minister Lubomír Metnar began on Thursday. Hungary is represented by Tibor Benkő, Poland by Mariusz Blaszczak and Slovakia by Peter Gajdos.

The ministers called for strengthening cooperation between the four countries’ armed forces, defence industry development and joint procurement.

They agreed that their armed forces should be equipped with modern, advanced technology and more focus must be given to training and personnel.

“Every country, every nation, has its history, its interests, its values, which we must collectively protect, preserve and serve. This is what cooperation within the V4 is about,” Tibor Benkő told a joint press conference.

He said Europe was facing new challenges, risks and threats, stressing the need for the European nations to be assured that increasing their national defence spending serves their own interests.

“Cooperation among the Visegrad Four countries in the areas of peace and security is exemplary,” said Benkő.

In the featured photo (from left to right): Mariusz Blaszczak (Poland), Lubomír Metnar (Czech Republic), Peter Gajdos (Slvakia), and Tibor Benkő (Hungary). Photo by Veronika Dévényi/Hungarian Ministry of Defense