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“Useful Idiots” Of The West And The Creation Of Chaos Through Mass Migration, By Adam Topolansky

Hungary Today 2015.09.09.

Western ideologues’ demagoguery regarding the European immigration crisis is rehashing an old phrase: „useful idiots of the West”. This phrase was originally coined by Vladimir Iljich Lenin who allegedly referred to Westerners who unintentionally contributed to the demise of their own civilization through their self-defeating guilt complexes and false reflex machanisms, thereby promoting the cause of internationalism, i.e. socialism and communism. Lenin and Stalin used the term “polyezniy idiot” or “useful idiot” to describe sympathizers in the West who blindly supported Communist leaders.

New York Times article from 1948, on contemporary Italian politics, documented usage of the term in an article from the social-democratic Italian paper L’Umanita. The French equivalent, “idiots utiles”, was used in a newspaper article title in 1946. A similar term, useful innocents, appears in Austrian-American economist Ludwig von Mises‘s “Planned Chaos” (1947). A 2010 BBC radio documentary titled Useful Idiots listed among “useful idiots” of Joseph Stalin several prominent British writers including H. G. Wells and Doris Lessing, the Irish writer George Bernard Shaw, the American journalist Walter Duranty, and the singer Paul Robeson.

Get My Gun

One thing is for certain, these „useful idiots of the West” are once again at their “best” during the European immigration crisis. Their guilt trip and false reasoning are fast chipping away at western civilization. They are typically driven by pathological altruism, believing that they know best how to run the lives of all people throughout the world.

But who are these useful idiots? Are they naive ideologists? Or perhaps undercover agents? Or just humanitarian idealists and peaceniks who constantly ignore the facts? Or perhaps all three at the same time? Today, the term can be applied to brainwashed liberals and leftists (usually college students, well-paid middle-class professionals and well-to-do idealists) who are not necessarily idiots, rather just misinformed, naive, and ignorant on account of being indoctrinated by massive liberal/socialist propaganda, the dominantly liberal mass media and public education. These useful idiots of the West are currently destroying European civilization by encouraging and demanding permissiveness and openness regarding the mass immigration wave that is invading Europe. There is a witty Hungarian saying: “más szerszámával verni a csalánt”… in English translation: “beating the stinging nettle with someone else’s biological tool”… There’s a similar Russian proverb: “it’s quite easy to sit with a bare ass on a hedgehog, if it’s someone else’s ass.” In Britain, there is also a wislet expressing this notion “They have us doing their donkey work”… or “next time do your own donkey work”.

As long as Hungarian pensioners receive 10-15 dollars a day retirement money to live on after 45 years of industrious work, none of these useful idiots should tell the Hungarians how they should “adequately” care for illegal migrants. Migrants cost Hungarian taxpayers circa 20 dollars a day and that does not include the damages they whip up and the additional expenses they generate for the taxpayer (traffic pile-ups, travel chaos, extra law enforcement, not to mention pillaging, stealing property, etc.). Hungary is not Luxemburg or Norway! Hungary is a vulnerable and less affluent country, working hard for the last 25 years to to close the gap between Soviet-instilled eastern misery and western European American-style pompousness. It is a national security concern for Hungary or for any other country for that matter to have hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants barge in illegally who refuse to follow the legal code and refuse to even be identified.

illegal immigration

Are these useful idiot liberals completely off their rockers? Or is this a conscious misinformation campaign on their part to attack nation loving citizens across Europe? Is this another opportunity for them to undermine the European nation state? Of course, it is. It is modern warfare. The formula is simple: unleash millions of migrants onto the European continent and this will sufficiently destabilize homogenous nation states and subvert nations throughout the continent, which will prepare the grounds for an international global agenda of unrestricted free markets, a global financial system and a centralized global dictatorship to control all nations.

Typically, these useful idiots are armchair preachers who sit in comfortable recliners thousands of miles away not being directly effected by the acute exigency of illegal migration in Europe. Nothing is too cheap or too vulgar for them. They insinuate, deceive, brainwash mainstream media and the general public and twist the facts on a daily basis. They are once again on a feeding frenzy trying to demonize the Hungarian government, which is a vendetta that has been a favorite pastime of American liberals for years now, fired up by Hungarian opposition agitators on the East coast of the United States. The names of these rabble-rousers are well known to Washington and Budapest insiders: Eva S. Balogh, András Simonyi, László Bitó, Tibor Purger, Gábor Halmai, Kim Lane Scheppele, George Soros, Ákos Kertész, Ágnes Heller, László Bartus, etc. These people are conducting partisan warfare with the increasingly reddish, surrealistic assistance of the State Department to undermine and topple the Hungarian government. Fortunately, the Hungarian people have a keen sense of deciphering who is for them and who is against them.

When these useful idiots criticize the Hungarian government for not doing enough to make life “comfortable” for illegal migrants, they are preparing our own demise here in Europe. Since the illegal migrants break dozens of laws, while screaming for “justice”, their useful idiot western caretakers cry for tender loving care and thereby act as accomplices or accessories to criminal behavior, which in itself is punishable by law. Their primary goal is to create chaos, which is their natural state of modus operandi.

It tends to be a favorite tactic of the liberal elite to create chaos when their influence seems to be stagnating or eroding. Out of this chaos, they can then push their agenda through at ease. The migration crisis is a part of this chaos strategy that has been devised from Washington, Brussels, Berlin, London, and Paris first to de-stabilize and subvert middle eastern regimes, fueling internal conflict, arming rebels and maintaining a war-like situation, just like Orwell predicted in his visionary work „1984”. The next step is to unleash millions of migrants onto Europe to destabilize nation states. How interesting that the United States has granted asylum to only 1,500 Syrians so far, while American liberals foam in the mouth educating us in central Europe that these people are fleeing to save their lives and demand entry of millions of these migrants to Europe. What they forget to mention is that it was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her smart power politics that failed miserably in the middle East and uprooted the status quo in Syria, followed by the arming and funding of ISIS, which is now the root of all evil and is forcing people there to flee. How hypocritical can they get even opening their mouths criticizing how certain European countries respond to this mass exodus that they have generated?

Turmoil, discord, anarchy, pandemonium, ataxia, clutter, entropy and mobocracy are various forms of tactics they use create general confusion and disarray, thereby weakening a ruling regime that they dislike. This is what they have been doing vis-a-vis Hungary. Whatever their chosen subversive tactics may be, the creation of chaos is always essential to liberal globetrotters. Once we know this, it is clear that the way to resolve this or any other chaotic situation internationally is to first confront and push back the liberal elite. This can be achieved by a concerted effort between nations and a uniform strategy. Communications may be the key to making the first step in this direction. The rest is God’s work.

The fact that these bleeding heart liberals are idiots is beyond dispute. The only question is: how are they useful and to whom? Based on every rational logic, they seem to be useful to those who want to dismantle and unravel western civilization. As renowned Hungarian author Sándor Márai said: “after every totalitarian period in history, there comes a period of Byzantin pompousness and self-righteousness, which will ultimately defeat itself.”

Hungarian-Jewish writer and Holocaust survivor Imre Kertész, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2002, has a book on the stands that includes some sharp criticism of the top western elite for creating turmoil and allowing and encouraging the free flow of mass migration from third world countries. In one of his last books, The Last Pub, Kertész cites views that strongly condemn the permissive liberal European elite and its American counterpart. “Europe will soon go under because of its liberalism that has proved to be childish and suicidal. Europe has produced Hitler, and after Hitler the European continent now stands with its doors wide open for Islam, they no longer dare talk about race and religion, while Islam only knows the language of hatred against alien races and religions,” writes Kertész in his book.[1]

Another renowned work that addresses the muslim threat to Europe is Michel Houellebecq’s newly published book “Souomission” or “Submission” in English (Behódolás in Hungarian). This novel stipulates that the islamic party wins an election in the near future in France, thereby launching the process of unraveling European politics and culture.

Based on the above, it seems that the useful idiots of the West are not so useful these days after all. In fact, their sheer existence may the crux of the problem. Their drubbing may be essential to the survival of the nation state and western civilization.

Adam Topolansky


[1] Nobel Laureate in Literature: “Muslims are flooding, occupying and destroying Europe”
Published August 29, 2015 FriaTider.se



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