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US Seeks Arrest of Far-Right Portal Kuruc.info Owner

admin 2014.07.16.

A court order has been initiated in the United States for the arrest of Béla Varga, owner of the far-right Hungarian portal kuruc.info, reported Santa Monica-based paper The Press Democrat. According to the website, Varga has already fled the country and supposedly resides in Canada. Charges against Varga include harassment and lethal menaces, while a San Francisco court has already ordered a warrant for Varga after he had failed to turn up for two consecutive hearings.

The portal also states that Varga was detained earlier this year, but released on a bail of USD 250.000, while the court has established a warrant of USD 300.000 this time. According to the charges, Varga harassed an attorney representing Hungary’s Action and Protection Foundation, the goal of which is to shut down the otherwise legally elusive portal kuruc.info.

Prior to this incident the Action and Protection Foundation initiated legal proceedings at the Court of San Francisco aiming to verify the identity of the kuruc.info owner. Varga and content host CloudFlare have been both summoned by said court, when after a related hearing Varga committed the crimes of harassment and lethal menaces.

Reports claim that federal agency FBI is looking for Béla Varga, as local residents are shocked by the recent turn of events, saying that they always found Varga “sweet and kind”. Varga was first identified as the owner of kurucz.info by Hungarian whistleblower site atlatszo.hu. In July 2012 Prime Minister Viktor Orbán requested in letter the help of a US congressmen to close down the portal, stating that kuruc.info is a “center of anti-Semitism in Hungary”.

Via Hungary Matters, photo: Flóra Hevesi