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Upside Down: How Would Winnetou Or Márai See It Today?

Hungary Today 2016.03.07.



 Marx and Engels and their ideological followers used the fraudulent progaganda scheme of “upside down” very skillfully. They called the minority “bolsheviks” and the majority “mensheviks” at the time of the Russian revolution. They contended that everything they promote comprises the absolute truth and everything else is “upside down”. In this sense, they wanted us to believe that despite Newton’s allegation to the contrary, for example, people in Australia walkupside down”. Also, in their assessment, the world was divided between East and West. East was good and West was bad! Their bloodthirsty followers – Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Rákosi and Ceauşescu – of course trumpeted this same ideology for a long time to come. And western ideologues happily joined the bandwagon from the opposite direction, blaming their nemesis for whatever bad seemed to happen in our universe. How ironic it is in an ideological sense that they are the ones sinking nowadays faster than the boat people…


A Polish friend of mine recently reminded us that the real division in today’s world affairs is not between East and West, but North and South, which has long been ignored. Of course, during communist times, we were taught that the West is good and the East is evil and vice versa, depending on which side of the Atlantic we were educated as youngsters. Political leaders of the time sinfully brainwashed us asserting that it is not just our leaders who are evil, but all of us who actually reside on the “wrong side of the fence”. Easterners have eased from this rhetoric in recent decades, but the western elite continues to uphold their cheap demagoguery that eastern people are backwards, uncivilized socialists who also happen to be authoritarian. In contrast, they contend that western capitalist people are supposed to be democratic, humanitarian and generous. I wonder if Winnetou would agree to this thesis. He would probably respond that this is the biggest ideological fraud ever contrived.

Meanwhile, 70 years have passed since WWII and new generations have grown up on both sides of the Atlantic. Yet, Brussels and Washington still persistently want us to believe that the old division exists and the “East is the arch enemy”. Brussels and Washington liberals continue to “Trump-et” this cheap crap. “Make my day” would respond Clint Eastwood to his political nemesis “Clint on”. In fact, Clinton is off and Eastwood is on.

Of course, if we listen to presidential candidates in America today they all contend that their country is still the eternal yardstick that all other societies should emulate. To add fuel to the fire, the Washington and Brussels establishments continue to cultivate the fraudulent belief that Russians and East Europeans are retrograde, totalitarian, raw-meat consuming bastards (and bitches of course). This western arrogance is what defines global affairs today. In the meantime, reality is ignored, which is that the real divide (economical, religious, social and political) lies between North and South. Muslims in Arab countries, as well as their counterparts in Africa and Asia will relentlessly march North. The global migration crisis supports this theorem.  By now, all God-fearing people with an IQ above room temperature know that this modern conquest is not emigration in the traditional sense, but an orchestrated invasion of the European continent. How interesting that up until the end of last year, the United States had a zero admission policy for these migrants, including the approximately 10-15 percent that are identified as Syrian refugees.

Renowned Hungarian philosopher and writer Sándor Márai expressed the crux of this human cataclysm wonderfully in a piece entitled North and South some 50 years ago:

 „No one can be a viking without setbacks or punishment for over a thousand years. These stoic northerners are the true people of adventure and discovery, they are the noble, sad and hopeless „conquistadores”. Exceeding all high-ranking civilizations, they cherish a distant memory, from which all the painful, unsurmountable, raw and noble instincts of the world’s adventures eminate. The southern folks  merely exist in a carpe diem fashion. The northerners aspire, create and reminisce.”[1]

In Márai’s prediction, the confrontation of southern masses with scantily reproducing, apathetic northerners is imminent. Southerners want a piece of the pie, the good life that notherners accumulated. They will march North and invade the pompous northern and western hemispheres. This is the real exigency that needs to be addressed in the 21st century. The Clinton-Soros vendetta against all center-right governments in Europe was only a prelude to this organized invasion. It comes as no surprise that scornfully arrogant western and northern leaders not only refuse to protect us from this invasion, but in fact open the gates for Hannibal and his hordes. These imperious EU bosses are the real Trojan horse and their red carpet star Merkel is the jockey on the back of that horse.


So, the western liberal vendetta aided by their cohorts from the East will press on to destabilize European nation states and persistently push for a global agenda with a tunnel vision. And in this process, they will destroy not only northern (and eastern) civilizations, but themselves as well. Doomsday is around the corner, yet they act like arrogant, adolescent idiots. The only question is: is it intentional? Is their hate towards Christians and nationalists in the East so vehement that they are willing to commit suicide while pursuing their vengeful agenda? Winnetou and Márai would perhaps know the answer.

Adam Topolansky    

[1] Translated to English by the author of this article