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Once Upon a Time…Online: BOOKR Kids Brings Children’s Tales into the Digital Realm

By Tom Szigeti // 2016.12.06.

BOOKR Kids is an award-winning application designed to bring children’s stories into the digital realm. In the interview below, we spoke with Anna Boldog, the company’s project manager, about BOOKR Kids’ history, the way the application works, as well as about plans for the application’s future.

How long have you been doing BOOKR Kids? How did the idea come about? How did you launch this project?

BOOKR Kids was started by Dorka Horváth and Dani Karányi about two years ago, while the application itself has been available since April of 2014. Dorka’s family worked in book publishing, and she felt that, despite the growing strength of the e-book market, there was no intelligent, constructive digital content available for children; at the same time, she felt that children’s story books would serve this goal very well. That is how the idea came about, an idea that has now become a reality.

Where is BOOKR Kids at now? What are your plans?

BOOKR kids has been ‘up and running’ for a year and a half now, currently we have close to 150 interactive storybooks, that can also be used as audio books, and that have educational games built into them. In addition, we currently have over 2000 paid subscribers. In June we won two start-up competitions, CEE Lift Off! and the Women Startup Competition; this was a pretty big wave of inspiration for us, since it showed that the technical and investment worlds have taken notice of our project. Currently, in addition to providing quality and varied products for the Hungarian market (a new story every week, continuous cooperation and promotions with companies such as Samsung and Telekom, expansion of the range of our products), expansion into the international market is currently our biggest goal. We are prepared to help other international publishers make their entry into the digital market, through the creation of an independent digital library application.


BOOKR Kids’ homepage

How many languages is BOOKR Kids available in?

BOOKR Kids works first and foremost with Hungarian language stories, with publishers such as Móra, Csimota, Koibri, and Diafilm. At the same time we are continuously working on expanding our English and German-language offerings, and in fact starting in January we will have an increasing number of books in Norwegian, as part of a Norwegian program intended to teach kids about ecological sustainability and being green. As we continue to have more collaborative projects with international publishers, we hope that the number of languages we offer will grow as well!

As part of an ongoing Advent special offer, a new free story will be offered on BOOKR Kids every day from December 1st to the 24th; as part of this offer, BOOKR Kids is offering stories such as The Little Prince, Vuk, and the Terka tales for free.

If you are interested in BOOKR Kids, you can download the application for free here:

Google Play:

App Store:

For more information, check out BOOKR Kids’ Facebook page and website.