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Unusually Warm Weather in Hungary at the End of the Year

Fanni Kaszás 2017.12.27.

Although it is the end of December, the temperature may rise above 10 degrees in the afternoon on Wednesday.

The weather was clear in most parts of the country this morning and in the northeastern part of the country, clouds and the fog are clearing as well.

During the day, the sun will shine in most parts but more and thicker clouds are approaching the country from the west in the afternoon. Minor rainfalls may hit the northeast during the day, then in the evening it shifts to the western border.

Unusually for this time of the year, the temperature will range averagely from 9 to 14 degrees in the afternoon. In northern parts of the country it will not rise above 7 degrees though, and in the evening the temperature will cool down to 2-10 degrees in the whole country.

via nlcafe.hu

featured photo: Alex Cican (deviantart)