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United Opposition to Unveil 12 Point Proposal at 15 March Demonstration

Gábor Sarnyai 2019.03.14.

National Unity! – This is the joint opposition’s motto for the celebration of the national holiday on March 15th. The joint demonstration will be held at Szabad sajtó útja (the Road of the Free Press).

The organizers say they plan to follow in the footsteps of the heroes of the 1848 revolution by calling on any Hungarian concerned about their homeland to act on its behalf. They believe the majority of Hungarians desire peace, security, freedom, a say in matters, a good living and a stable future. They want to foster national unity instead of division.

The opposition formulated 12 points to “restore” Hungarian democracy:

  • Democracy and the rule of law
  • Impartial public media, stop financing propaganda
  • Independent Prosecutor’s office and courts
  • Lawful and proper management of public funds, investigations into corrupt public actors
  • Fair burden-sharing, eliminating extreme income disparities
  • Quality education throughout the country and the freedom and support of science, culture and education
  • Fair wages and working conditions, broadening workers’ rights
  • Wide-ranging social consultations with those concerned, as well as professional, interest and civic organizations
  • High-quality healthcare for everyone
  • A secure standard of living, housing and a stable future for everyone
  • Effective action against climate change, preservation of our natural values and protection of our environment
  • Adhere to national and European values

The opposition also stated that based on the heritage of the former opposition round table in 89’, a national forum would be set up to formulate a plan for implementing the 12 points. All political actors from the opposition parties (Jobbik, MSZP-Socialists, DK, LMP, Momentum, Párbeszéd and Liberálisok) and movements will be represented in the evening and accompanied by civil and professional organizations.

On the featured photo illustration: a united opposition demonstrates at the Parliament last December. Photo by Balázs Mohai/MTI

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