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Unique Travel Guide’s Stunning Images Show Budapest In A Whole New Light

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.01.16.

A recently published travel guide on the Hungarian capital, primarily aimed at young people looking something more than what run-of-the-mill publications have to offer, has been published.

Hungarian graphic artist Dávid Baráth’s extraordinary images depict the city’s landmarks – such as Buda and Pest, its bridges and transport – in a highly unusual and exciting interpretation.

The book entitled “Graphic Europe” introduces 31 European cities though the work of a local illustrator instead of the usual pictures. Budapest is represented by twelve images by artist Dávid Baráth. The authors aim their publication at people who are open to new things and want to see not only the usual touristy things but attractions ranging from artwork through landmark buildings to ruin pubs.

Born in Serbia as an ethnic Hungarian in 1997, graphic designer Dávid Baráth has been living in Budapest since 1993 and graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. His works depicting Budapest were inspired by the graphics of renowned Hungarian artists Lajos Kassák and László Moholy-Nagy.