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Unique Christmas Preparation Of Zwack Unicum Corp. – VIDEO!

By Robert Velkey // 2016.11.29.

According the press-announcement of Zwack Corp., the liquor producer company released a short-film for Christmas titled “My Hero Is My Father”. The company published its touchy video on the 28th of November 2016.

“Today, as the father of two sons I look forward to Christmas as excited as a child. The most important for me to see the smiles and happiness on my sons face when the family comes together” said Sándor Zwack about the Christmas Short Film of the company. Mr. Zwack, the CEO of Zwack Unicum Corp.  added, “Christmas was one of the most important family celebration in our family. Since I was a child, to buy the Christmas-tree was a true “Father and Son’s” program, we always chosen the tree together with my father and decorated with hand-made ornament (made by my mother). I keep going this nice family tradition and we chose the tree together with my son, every year.”

The short shows us the Christmas preparation of three generations; in the 60s, the late 80s and nowadays. They have different lives and circumstances but the each of the three father works on that to make the Christmas a wonderful celebration for the family. The film brings back a real retro feeling with the IKARUS buses and Trabant car…

In the end, we can see the three fathers together, and appears a symbolical gift-box. This boy may means personally different things (memories, feelings, grace, etc.) according to the press-announcement. The “aim is the same”: step out our daily routine and think about the family values that’s important for us!

via: Press Announcement of ZWACK Unicum Crop.

photos&video: Press Announcement of ZWACK Unicum Crop;