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Unexploded World War 2 Bombs Discovered Near Budapest’s Ferenc Liszt International Airport

Tom Szigeti 2017.05.23.

During construction in the Airplane memorial park next to the Budapest airport, workers have discovered a number of unexploded munitions from the Second World War.

The first such bomb, a Hungarian-built ordinance manufactured in 1938, was uncovered last Wednesday, the Hungarian Defense told wire service MTI.

Another explosive was uncovered yesterday. This one was a 10 kilogram, American-made “FRAG 20” bomb, a type of aircraft ordinance.

And today, a third bomb, yet another “FRAG 20,” was found. Bomb disposal units were called to the scene, a 200 meter area around the ordinance was cleared, and all the roads leading to the airport’s 2nd Terminal were closed to traffic.

All of the bombs were successfully removed by members of the Hungarian Defense Force and taken to a central storage facility.

Via MTI and

Image via Blikk/MTI