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Unemployment Rate Continues To Sink In Hungary, Fresh KSH Data Shows

Tamás Székely 2015.06.27.

The unemployment rate among Hungarians between the ages of 15 and 74 was 7.1% in March-May, down from 7.5% in the previous three-month period. The jobless rate was down from 8.1% in the same period a year earlier, the Central Statistical Office (KSH) said. The improvement of the labour market situation of men and women was similar.

source: ksh.hu

source: ksh.hu

While the number of unemployed in Hungary averaged 319,700 in March-May, the number of employed averaged 4,165,100 in the same period. Fully 46.5% of the unemployed had been seeking work for one year or more. The average time spent looking for work was 18.1 months. There were 3,055,100 economically inactive Hungarians during the period, down from 3,160,500 a year earlier. At the same time, the activity rate rose to 59.5% from 58.3%. The employment rate of people aged 15–64 increased to 63.2%.

An economy ministry official said that the figures were the best since the statistical office started its measurements of employment in 1992. Sándor Czomba, state secretary for labour and training, told public news channel M1 that there are still disparities between regions but improvements in this respect are being made. In the private sector, the employment rate has been rising continually for the past 18 months, he said, adding that it was also important that the jobless rate was dropping in parallel. There is a good chance this rate may drop to below 7%, Czomba said.

via ksh.hu and hungarymatters.hu photo: egerhirek.hu