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Németh: Solidarity Needed in Eastern Europe

admin 2014.09.04.

Solidarity in the Carpathian Basin can be useful for all, and can be decisive in the case of Ukraine, said Zsolt Németh speaking at an economic forum in Krynica, Poland. The head of parliament’s foreign affairs committee spoke about Hungary’s stance on the continuing crisis and the region’s economic ties at the conference on Wednesday.

Németh said that the crisis in Ukraine has drawn the global eye’s attention to the region, and attempts are to be made to shift the US’s attention from China to the situation in Central and Eastern Europe. Németh added, that this very topic will be among the top issues discussed at the Newport NATO summit of Thursday.

The head of parliament’s foreign affairs committee also congratulated Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, who has been recently appointed President of the European Council, giving even more significance to the region and its current problems. Németh added, Poland is in a unique position now, unprecedented since the times of 17th century ruler John Sobieski.

Talking about economic ties, Németh praised neighboring Slovakia’s achievements, and Romania’s recovery from an “almost hopeless economic state.” Németh emphasized that Hungary’s current growth is the fastest in the region, albeit warned about the fragile political situation in the region.

MTI, photo ujszo.com