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U.S. Ambassador Colleen Bell: Hungary And USA Share Common Values

Tamás Székely 2015.03.02.

Cooperation between the Hungarian and the US governments is excellent in many areas, while there are challenges that they need to resolve together, the new US Ambassador to Hungary indicated in an interview with MTI, emphasizing that she personally would like to contribute to deepening US-Hungarian relations in every area.

Colleen Bell, who presented her credentials to President János Áder on January 21, said she was given a very warm welcome in Hungary, “the messages of friendship were very moving”. Speaking about global issues both countries are strongly interested in, Bell also said that it is the shared responsibility of NATO and EU countries to support Ukraine and other countries in Europe’s East as they continue implementing the reforms needed to build a stronger, more prosperous, democratic future.

She added that Hungary and its fellow EU partners joined with the United States, Canada, and other nations around the world to impose sanctions on Russia as a show of their shared resolve to bring the conflict in Ukraine to a peaceful end, as soon as possible, ensuring the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence of Ukraine.

She confirmed that she will be seeking to reinforce common values. Among those [common values] she listed an unwavering dedication to the rule of law, independent democratic institutions, healthy checks and balances, a free and fair election system, and an active civil society.

Speaking about her tasks as ambassador, she mentioned that, on the economic front, there will be a lot of opportunities to promote bilateral trade in the near and the long term. She highlighted that transparency and predictability are critically important for investors who are looking to enter any new market. As she said, laws, rules and regulations sometimes need to change and adapt to new circumstances, but “consultation with stakeholders is an important part of this process, and without it, potential investors will go elsewhere.”

via MTI and photo: Tamás Sóki