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Two-Tailed Dog Party Advocates ‘Cheerful, Cool’ Europe

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.05.10.

The non-parliamentary, satirical Two-tailed Dog party would build an “able, true, cheerful and cool” Europe, deputy party leader Zsolt Victora told public news channel M1, using the slot allotted to his party to present its programme for the May 26 European parliamentary elections, on Friday.

Victora said his party would win “all elections of all European countries and European parliamentary elections by 2034”. He said his party programme was based on “siesta each day, more days off work and making Hungarian the EU’s official language”.

Two-tailed Dog would introduce all the holidays of other European countries in Hungary, leaving only 40-50 working days a year. Victora argued that people work too much, and added that the initiative was in line with his party’s motto demanding “more of everything, less of nothing!”

Not Funny Any More: “Two-Tailed Dog Party” To Compete At Elections After Invalid Quota Vote Campaign

Victora said his party would represent those voters in the EP that would not vote for any other party.