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Two New Inexpensive Circle Cruise Lines to Explore the Breathtaking Danube Bend

Fanni Kaszás 2020.07.13.

Hungarian shipping company Mahart will start two new, inexpensive lines at the Danube Bend, which will be connected to their already existing circle tour of the area. The new lines will be launched on Friday between Esztergom and Zebegény, and on the Szentendre-Leányfalu-Tahitótfalu-Visegrád line. They are operating on a hop-on, hop-off principle and the prices are set at HUF 500 (1.5 EUR).

At a press conference held in the port of Dömös on Monday, government spokesperson Alexandra Szentkirályi said that ships depart twice a day on the shorter route and once a day on the longer one. The circle line connects the settlements of the Danube Bend, where passengers can get off at any time, explore and get to know the cities and villages, hike, cycle, and then continue their route with the following boat within the given day. The ticket price on both new routes will be HUF 500, and the trip can be interrupted any time.

photo: Márton Mónus/MTI

The company’s chief executive said the popularity of the Danube Bend tour is evidenced by the fact that nearly four thousand passengers traveled over the weekend and the company is preparing to commission a third ship on the route, as they also expect tourists from neighboring Slovakia, mainly from historical Upper Hungary.

photo: Márton Mónus/MTI

The company decided to set up the circle cruise tour when passengers had to travel on train replacement boats between Nagymaros and Zebegény after a rock and mud avalanche flooded the railway tracks and the road in mid-June, and the line became very popular in a short time. From July 3rd, those exploring the beautiful Danube Bend can now travel on the Visegrád-Nagymaros-Zebegény-Dömös-Nagymaros-Visegrád line with a hop-on, hop-off day ticket, which is now connected with the two new lines between Esztergom and Zebegény, and Szentendre-Leányfalu-Tahitótfalu-Visegrád.

featured photo: Zoltán Máthé/MTI