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Two more illegal tunnels have been discovered below the fence along the Serbian border in southern Hungary, local police said on Sunday.

A tunnel leading from Serbian territory below Hungary’s border fence was discovered during a field search in the area of Csikéria, in Bács-Kiskun County. Police officers will hold an on-site inspection at the opening and guard it until the tunnel is filled in.

There is ongoing control along the border because migrants have been trying more frequently to enter the country illegally in the recent period.

Authorities Discover Multiple Tunnels Below Border Fence
Authorities Discover Multiple Tunnels Below Border Fence

Hungarian authorities discovered three separate tunnels below the fence on Hungary’s southern borders over the span of just several hours, the police said on its website on Wednesday. The tunnels which appear to have been dug from the Serbian side were discovered in the border towns of Katymár, Csikéria and Kelebia, local police said in […]Continue reading

Another tunnel leading below the border fence was discovered by police in the outskirts of Mórahalom, in Csongrád-Csanád County, on Sunday, local police told MTI.

A police spokesperson said police officers serving at the border fence arrested twenty-six men who professed to be Afghan and Syrian citizens on Sunday afternoon.

The policemen then conducted a search and discovered a tunnel about 16 metres long, leading to Serbian territory under the border fence. The captured migrants entered the territory of Hungary through the tunnel.

Fidesz's Anti-Immigration Cabinet: Migration Pressure Increasing
Fidesz's Anti-Immigration Cabinet: Migration Pressure Increasing

Migration pressure is still increasing at Hungary’s closely sealed southern border but the double line of defence there is protecting the borders of the country and Europe as a whole, a lawmaker of ruling Fidesz said at Hercegszántó on Thursday. Szilárd Németh, the state secretary of the defence ministry, chaired the meeting of Fidesz’s Anti-Immigration […]Continue reading

After investigating the case in cooperation with the Serbian partners, the authorities will restore the site to its original condition.

In August, police in Bácsalmás found a tunnel near the border fence. At that time, 25 illegal immigrants were arrested on the outskirts of Kunbaja and the opening was discovered a few kilometres away during a search.

Featured photo from police.hu