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The Trump-Orbán Vision: Parallels Between U.S. And Central European Immigration Policies

Hungary Today 2017.02.06.

Hysterical reactions of the liberal elite to President Trump’s travel suspension are similar to liberal outrage regarding Hungary’s recent immigration policies. As we all remember, in 2015 the liberal establishment worldwide hysterically and irrationally reacted to the Hungarian government’s decision to secure Hungary’s borders. Other central European countries, such as Slovakia, Poland, Croatia and Slovenia have announced similar measures and to no one’s surprise, reactions were similar by the liberal elite. Therefore the liberal opposition’s neurotic backlash to President Trump’s recent travel suspension from 7 countries did not come as a surprise. The executive order is similar to measures applied by the Visegrád countries, particularly Hungary and Slovakia, however, those countries had a comprehensive ban of migrants entering the country illegally, not focusing on any particular country. They maintained that it is a sovereign right of any nation to determine who they want to live with. This is a prudent statement that resonates worldwide. Emigration (immigration) is a privilege and not an automatic right of people wishing to wonder around the globe.

Reactions to these policy measures are typically out of scale by the liberal establishment and they fuel more direct attacks on center right governments, suggesting that those governments are not legitimate, albeit they were elected through free and democratic elections. That is the essence of Martin Schulz’s campaign to get elected as Germany’s next chancellor. The liberals – Martin Schulz and his cohorts – have a twisted perversion that if they are not in power, the world is coming to an end. They are also not afraid to openly lie about policies implemented by center right governments.


The biggest lie by the liberal establishment is that the current travel suspension introduced by President Trump targets all Muslims around the world and it is therefore bigoted, xenophobic, Islamophobic, etc. Yet, the travel regulation is NOT directed at Muslims specifically. It merely bars refugees from 7 countries initially for 120 days. From Syria, refugees are banned indefinitely. And a 90-day travel ban has been imposed to the United States from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen.

How could indeed this be called a “Muslim ban”, when none one of the six largest Muslim countries — Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Turkey — were on the list? Missing also were a dozen other Muslim countries. The fact is that of the 7 countries facing a 90-day ban, 3 are U.S.-designated state sponsors of terror, and the other 4 are war zones. Clearly, this is about homeland security, not religious discrimination. Just like it was in the case of the Visegrád countries.

Trump should be cognizant of the opposition’s sneaky lies and attacks, not only because he is an outsider with no political savvy and experience, but because his agenda directly negates the wishes of the incumbent political elite. Just like Viktor Orbán’s agenda in Hungary or prime minister Kaczynsky’s direction in Poland.

The reason for such vigilant attacks on tough immigration policies is that the liberal elite believes in open borders, free trade and globalization. Trump believes in securing the Southern border, bringing U.S. industry home, economic nationalism, “America First.” Orbán, Fico and Kaczynsky have similar beliefs exclaiming that “Hungary, Slovakia and Poland should be First”! Britain also joined the middle class revolution and declared that it wants to be free and independent again. Federalism and globalism are dead. Yet, the liberal elite will not give up, pushing their agenda relentlessly.

When the Times rages that “American ideals” or “traditional American values” are under attack by Trump, what they actually mean is that their own ideology and agenda are threatened by Trump.

Apparently we are on a collision course due to the contrasting agendas of national conservative and globalist liberal elites. What has unfolded in Europe would be likely to happen in the United States as well, had immigration policies not been made more stringent by the new American president.

Trump seems to have no desire to yield to his enemies in politics and the media. He actually has little choice, as he is now the personification of a surging Middle American counterrevolution.

But by whatever slurs they are called, blue collar middle class Americans and patriotic middle class Europeans seem prepared to fight. And history shows that such people do not calmly accept the cultural and ethnic erosion of what is most precious to them — the country they grew up in, the country they love.


Hence the battle is on with full force to carve out a direction for the United States, Europe and the world to preserve the nation state as a building block of the international order and the unique cultural heritage therein that have painted our world colorful and interesting for centuries or to succumb to the wishes of the new liberal elite and allow our planet to be repainted and diluted according to the wishes of the demagogue liberal establishment and their multinational corporate culprits.

Adam Topolansky