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Trianon Memorial Park Inaugurated in Sopron

Hungary Today 2020.06.04.

A Trianon memorial park was inaugurated in Sopron Forest Park on Thursday. 

The park has been established by the parking lot at the Károly Lookout Tower close to the memorial of the battle of Ágfalva.

It depicts the so-called Greater Hungary, while the detached parts are covered with red stones, the territory of present-day Hungary is symbolised by green stones, and the walkways running between them are covered with white stones.

The park was inaugurated by Sopron Mayor Ciprián Farkas (Fidesz-KDNP), State Secretary for Land Administration Péter Zambó and CEO of forestry company TAEG István Ábrahám. Earlier, it was also revealed that although the memorial park will be located in Sopron, it will serve as a shared homage to the 22 state forest holdings on the centenary of the Trianon peace dictate.

According to Zambó, although a hundred years ago “its branches were cut off and two-thirds of its canopy was also mutilated, even the Trianon Treaty “couldn’t destroy Hungary’s thousand-year-old tree.”

From left to right: Sopron mayor Farkas, state secretary Zambó and Ábrahám.

He also explained that Trianon also shocked foresters as well, as 84% of Hungary’s forest areas were taken away, so afforestation in the remaining territories had become a matter of life and death. “But we have forged virtue out of coercion,” as by doubling forest areas, we have also laid a good foundation for the sustainable forms of farming of the 21st century, including the fight against climate change,” he argued.

imagey by Péter Nyikos/MTI