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Trianon 100 – Párbeszéd: Trianon Synonym for Injustice for All Hungarians

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.06.04.

The deputy group leader of opposition Párbeszéd called the Trianon Peace Treaty signed 100 years ago a “synonym for injustice” and “a national tragedy” at a party commemoration of the event’s centenary in Budapest.

“It does not matter who is right-wing or left-wing, liberal, green or conservative this time, because Trianon is an all-Hungarian affair. Everyone must respect the pain caused by a historical trauma and the human destinies Trianon broke”, Bence Tordai said in his address.

Párbeszéd Calls for Minute of Silence to Mark Trianon Centenary

Trianon’s main message is that nobody can be allowed to be excluded from Hungarian society, “yet there are some who would do exactly that today”, he said.

“Some people reserve the right to say who is a real Hungarian and who is not. And there are some who easily and regularly brand others as traitors and the enemies of the Hungarian nation because they have a political opinion different from theirs,” he said.

“I call them the champions of division and hypocricy”, Tordai said.

Trianon 100 – Fidesz: No Other Nation in the World Has Survived Such a Tragedy

The Párbeszéd politician said that one hundred years after Trianon “we must turn to a Europe without borders, where countries represent their interests together as a community, where they are not burdened by tensions, where culture can freely tresspass borders and everybody can be a Hungarian without suffering disadvantage for it”.

Photo by Zoltán Máthé/MTI

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