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Trianon 100 – LMP: Trianon Is with Us Every Day

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.06.04.

Commemorating the centenary of the Trianon Treaty, the group leader of opposition LMP said that 100 years after the “shameful dictate” the Hungarian nation today still stands “as one and united”.

“The Carpathian Basin is a common legacy and common future, but those who say that one should look only into the future are wrong. The decision made in Trianon is a tragedy that will always stay with us,” László Lóránt Keresztes told a press conference in Budapest.

He added that even after a century, the Hungarian communities in the annexed parts of the country have shown that they want and can remain Hungarian despite many trials. At the same time, the Hungarian communities in several states are “under political attack”, which he said is unacceptable.

Péter Ungár, a party lawmaker, said that “Trianon is with us every day”, adding that Hungary’s EU membership does not “relieve [us from] the trauma of Trianon”.

“We, however, can commemorate it, which is the first step in reaching a national consensus,” he said.

Trianon: Instead of the principle on self-determination of nations, the victorious great powers re-drew borders according to their geopolitical interests – Interview with historian Balázs Ablonczy

He called the peace treaty “unjust” and “mistaken” which led to a geopolitical disaster.

“The lesson learnt is that leading international powers can act against Hungary any time, and that Hungary can only count on itself in global politics,” Ungár said.

featured image: illustration (László Lóránt Keresztes); via Facebook

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