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Train Knocks Out Buffer, Stops at Edge of Embankment in Érd

Fanni Kaszás 2019.07.09.

A locomotive of a private railway company almost fell into a pit near a bridge currently under construction on Fehérvári road in Érd, after crashing into a buffer on a side-track and knocking it out. The vehicle stopped right on the edge of an embankment.

Later, deputy mayor of Érd, Károly Simó wrote about the accident and published photos on Facebook. From his post, it turns out that the incident happened at the Velencei railway overpass after the locomotive went down a side-track at Érd station.

Simó’s post also revealed that the locomotive stopped over a water line, which was later closed by the local waterworks company, and structural engineers determined the next steps.

The Hungarian National Railway Company (MÁV) informed the press that the locomotive involved in the incident does not belong to them, but a private railway company, Train Hungary.

They initially were looking to MÁV-Start as responsible for the incident but the locomotive turned out to be one from a private railway company, Train Hungary.

They said that on Monday afternoon, a single-track private railway locomotive started off on the first track without permission and knocked out the buffer at the end of the side-track and ran off with six axles. It was a locomotive without passengers, and no one was hurt in the incident.

Hungarian news portal index.hu received a drone footage from the location of the accident:

featured photo: Károly Simó/Facebook