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Toxic Waste In Budapest: Removal Of 1000 Barrels Of Dangerous Material From Chemical Plant Begins

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2015.04.30.

The removal of the approximately 1000 barrels of dangerous waste from a disused chemical plant in an industrial neighbourhood in Budapest’s District IX is to begin today, the government commissioner for Pest county said at a press conference today.

Richárd Tarnai explained that funding is at disposal for the removal of the material and the toxic waste that will remain on the premises will be removed within a few months. Preliminary laboratory tests have shown that certain processes have taken a “negative turn”, causing decision-makers to order the immediate removal of the waste.

According to a statement issued today by the farm ministry, over 2200t tons of dangerous material is store at the plant on Illatos út. Considering that the Budapest Chemical Works operated for 130 years before closing down in 2008, during which it produced a number of different chemicals, a detailed and thorough examination of the situation will be necessary in order to draw up a detoxification plan. Tasks related to this and the processing of the dangerous waste are expected to cost a total of HUF 1.18 billion.

The immediate removal of the dangerous waste, stored open air, was decided at a crisis meeting held a week ago after the situation was exposed in an article published by the news website

photo: Szemerey