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Top Of Hungary #7: Hungarian Stuntman Plays Star Wars Anti-Hero Kylo Ren In “The Force Awakens”

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.12.28.

Our “Top of Hungary 2015″ series aims to represent fifteen episodes of the the year, which – according to our assessment – played an important role in the public, cultural or sport life of Hungary during the last twelve months. Regardless of the positive or negative aspects, we have evaluated the events separately, therefore our list reflects nothing more but the personal opinion of the editorial team.

The seventh most important event in Hungary  in 2015: Hungarian Stuntman Stands In To Play Star Wars Anti-Hero Kylo Ren In New Episode “The Force Awakens”


In November, we reported that 26-year-old Hungarian Gyula Tóth was the stuntman who stood in for Hollywood actor Adam Driver, who plays anti-hero Kylo Ren in the latest episode of the movie sequel, “The Force Awakens”.

Gyula Tóth, who also starred in movies like “Cathedral”, “Die Hard 5″ and “Hercules” and popular TV series “Game of Thrones”, told Cinematrix, a Hungarian cinema blog, that he was working as a stuntman on ”Avengers: Age of Ultron“, when he got a phone call about the possibility of playing a role in Star Wars. “I thought, my friends just kidding me”, he said, adding that he has been a big fan of the Star Wars series since he was a small kid.

After he realized the stand-in opportunity was serious, Gyula Tóth did not hesitate at all and accepted the challenging invitation, arriving to London for a successful trial followed by a 5-month-long work period. The Hungarian stuntman was not allowed to reveal any of the secrets of the new Star Wars movie, however, he said  ”lightsabers” would play even more important role in the new episode, and that was one of the main reasons why he enjoyed the job so much.

Gyula Tóth is also-known in Hungary for his role in fellow stuntman Domonkos Párdányi’s team in HBO’s fantasy drama series Game of Thrones, which won the US Screen Actors Guild’s prize for their oustanding stunt performance for the fourth time in a row since 2012. The Hungarians were among this year’s winners, and for many of them, this is already the second SAG Award during their career.

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