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Top Of Hungary #13: Gergely Bogányi’s Wonder Piano

Tamás Székely 2015.12.18.

Our “Top of Hungary 2015″ series aims to represent fifteen episodes of the the year, which – according to our assessment – played an important role in the public, cultural or sport life of Hungary during the last twelve months. Regardless of the positive or negative aspects, we have evaluated the events separately, therefore our list reflects nothing more but the personal opinion of the editorial team.

The thirteenth most important Hungary-related event in 2015: Gergely Bogányi’s wonder piano introduced in Budapest


Kossuth Prize-winning pianist Gergely Bogányi introduced his self-developed wonder piano to the public on 20th of January 2015 at the Budapest Music Center. Bogány’s aim was to create a unique-sounding instrument in contrast to the uniformisation of piano acoustics during the past hundred years. The soundboard of the piano is made not of wood but of the so-called carbon composite, a complex material also used in space technology.

The Bogányi piano is priced at around EUR 200 000 and is already patented in several countries, such as the United States and China. The Hungarian government also purchased ten Bogányi pianos for 64.054 million forints (EUR 2.54m) in July. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said previously he hoped the Bogányi piano would become “an envoy of Hungarian culture” in concert halls of the world.

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