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Top Google Searches in Hungary: Municipal Elections, Andy Vajna, and Notre Dame

Ábrahám Vass 2019.12.11.

Municipal elections, Andy Vajna, and Notre Dame were the most googled terms by Hungarians this year, according to the search engine’s yearly publication. 

Two Hungarian reality shows, the fall of the Berlin wall, famed TV series Chernobyl, and Black Friday have also made it to the top ten.

While Game of Thrones emerged as the most googled book, among TV series it came in only in fourth place, preceded by aforementioned Chernobyl and two Hungarian series Drága Örökösök (Dear Heirs) and Mintaapák (Model fathers), while ‘Joker,’ ‘After,’ and ‘Captain Marvel’ were the movies Hungarians were most curious about on Google.

Somewhat surprisingly, the World Women’s Handball Championship (from which the Hungarian team dropped out early on) emerged as the most googled sports event, followed by the inaugural match of the brand new Puskás Aréna (Hungary-Uruguay) and another football fixture, the important home EC qualifier game against “arch-rival” Slovakia.

And “chicken breast” emerged as winner among recipes followed by ramsons (wild garlic), and tiramisu.

Moreover, interestingly, Sziget Festival proved to be only the third most googled festival by Hungarians, outranked by Strand Festival and Volt Festival.

featured image: illustration; via Pixabay