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Top 10 Hungarian Conspiracy Theories

Fanni Kaszás 2018.03.13.

Almost everyone has heard of some of the world’s most infamous conspiracy theories, which encompass subjects including famous deaths, government activities, new technologies, terrorism and questions of alien life – a few famous examples include theories surrounding ‘chemtrails‘, masonic conspiracy theories, the ‘23 enigma‘, and the assassination of John F. Kennedy – but have you heard any that relate directly to a certain small country in Central Europe?

Below, we have collected some of the funniest, most interesting, and weirdest conspiracy theories concerning Hungary and Hungarian origins, language and science (a quick note: none of these theories have any factual or scientific basis, and are being presented here simply for their entertainment value).

First, let’s be clear, what exactly is a conspiracy theory?

A conspiracy theory is an explanation of an event or situation that invokes an unwarranted conspiracy, generally one involving an illegal or harmful act carried out by government or other powerful actors. Conspiracy theories often produce hypotheses that contradict the prevailing understanding of history or simple facts. 

Here, then, is our compilation of ten of the most outlandish, ridiculous, and entertaining Hungarian-related conspiracy theories in no particular order:


Jesus was Hungarian

According to ‘Hungarian Turanism’, Jesus was not a Jew, but rather a Hungarian or a “noble of Parthia”. In 1998 Hungarian non-commissioned officer Ferenc Jós Badiny wrote a book (Jézus Király, a pártus herceg) “King Jesus, the Parthian prince“, where he invented the theory of Jesus the Parthian warrior prince. Some Christian Hungarian Turanists hold the view that Jesus Christ was not a Jew but a proto-Hungarian or a “noble of Parthia”. Needless to say, the anti-semitic theories espoused in Badiny’s book have no basis in reality; and so, sadly, we must admit that Jesus was not Hungarian. Hungarian art historian Gábor Pap suggested that Jesus was the descendant of Nimrod, the biblical king of Mesopotamia, through Mary.

There has also been another, more recent ‘revelation’ by controversial Fidesz Member of Parliament János Pócs, MP for Jászapáti: in a speech this March, the right-wing politician claimed that Jesus was ‘jász’ (member of a Hungarian ethnic minority, who have been living in Hungary since the 13th century) as he was born in a manger, which is ‘jászol’ in Hungarian:

Hungarian is a proto-language

According to mainstream linguistic theory and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Hungarian language belongs to the Finno-Ugric branch of the Uralic language family. However, some expound alternative theories on Hungarian’s linguistic origins. One of them suggests that Hungarian is the ultimate proto-language. Its basis is that the Bible is full of supposedly Hungarian names and geographic locations. These theorists claim that today’s Hungarian originated “before the history of language”, and every language currently spoken dervies from this progenitor language, the Scythian Hungarian, or Arameus (örömös) language. István Práczi even claims in his book (Ősnyelv-e a magyar) that the Hungarian language dates back to long before Roman and Greek culture, meaning that Jewish-Roman-Greek culture grew out of and fed from Hungarian-Scythian culture, and not the other way around. He also wrote that “the whole of language culture started with Hungarian.”

Bosnian pyramids and Szekler script

According to this theory, the oldest known pyramid in the world was built by Hun-Hungarians, our “ancestors”. According to Hungarian researcher Gábor Szakács, the famous Bosnian Sun Pyramid has Szekler-Hungarian scripts on it, and he has already identified 20 letters, identical to “modern” Szekler runic writing. According to these theorists, and what they claim is ‘radiometric dating’, the pyramid is more than 34,000 years old, while the Pyramids of Giza are only around five thousand years, and the Great Wall of China is only two thousand. They also claim that the Sphinx in front of the Egyptian pyramids is known by Arabs as Aba hun, which means ‘hun father’.

photo: szentkoronaradio.com

A Hungarian was the first man on Mars

Dr. Sándor Opál, retired lieutenant colonel and associate member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, made an astonishing statement a couple of years ago: he traveled to the red planet in 1970. The event is considered as one of the so-called Hungarian X-Files, for which Opál was also responsible. According to him, János Kádár knew of all this, because he was the only person to report on his travel to space. He also claimed he was trained by Brezhnev’s brother-in-law, the circus acrobat Kio, who was known for his psychic abilities. Kio taught Opál how to use his superhuman abilities in order to communicate with reptiles, which he could use on Mars to negotiate with the “Prince of Reptiles”. Opál’s friend Attila Pataky, singer in the band Edda, also claimed that he was abducted by aliens on multiple occasions.

Hungarians are the descendants of a foreign species from Sirius

According to another theory, in which even some Nobel-prize winners and authors have expressed their belief, Hungarians and the Hungarian language are so special that we cannot originate on this planet. There are theorists who think that Hungarians are predecessors of a foreign species that came to the Earth ten thousand years ago, from Sirius, the brightest star of Canis Major, the ‘Big Dog’ constellation. They have handed over to some selected the knowledge that we know today as the foundations of civilization, such as the basic mathematics, astronomy or architecture. It is a popular belief, that they have met with the tribes of our ancestors, Góg and Magóg, who lived on the island of Atais on the Pacific Ocean, and the foreign species thought them the ability to heal and shared their knowledge of medicine. László Grespik, former politician claimed:

While human DNA has two or three spirals within a given length, the DNA of the Hungarian race has nine (…) which is identical to the number of rotations of light from the planet Sirius when it reaches the Earth. The cosmic origin of Hungarian intelligence, the Hungarian soul and the Hungarian minds is a result of this fact.


The Szekler script is one of the first writing systems, and is similar to Sumerian

According to some theorists, evidence of  ancient Hungarian writings and Scythian-Hungarian writing, which already existed 20,000 years ago in the Paleolithic Age, were destroyed

because it proves the ancient origin of the Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin and it is their letter of ownership to this region. It is for this reason that the cultural genocide began forcefully in the 10th and 11th centuries and has since continued. The Codices with runic writing and the carved runic sticks were burned; the Táltos [pagan shamans] were killed or incarcerated. Beginning with King St. Stephen, all the kings – with the exception of King Matthias in the 15th century – accepted the orders of the Roman Pope to destroy the so-called pagan culture.

According to another theory, Hungarian is one of the oldest languages and identical to Sumerian, as our suffixes, vowels, and consonants are similar to the 5000-year-old Sumerian ones. Supposedly, in the Hungarian language, 63 out of 100 words are of Sumerian origin, while 12 are Akkadian. These ‘theorists’ claim that the majority of Hungarian names can be understood with the help of the Sumerian dictionary as well, and argue that Hungarian vowels and consonants are completely identical to their Sumerian equivalents.

photo: magyarhon.eu

The Heart Chakra of the Earth is located in the Carpathian Basin

The next conspiracy theory says that Hungarians are indigenous in the Carpathian Basin. Those who believe in this theory think that the first Hungarian conquest or ‘land-taking’, the ‘Honfoglalás’, happened long before the first Hungarians settled at the end of the ninth century, and that Hungarians have lived here since the Biblical Great Flood. According to some theorists, such as cardiac surgeon Lajos Papp, Tibetans think that the Heart Chakra of the Earth is in the Carpathian Basin, namely in the Pilis Mountains,  at Dobogókő. Their ‘evidence’ is that the whole Pilis, or as they call it Pólus (Pole), is a heart-shaped area, and “purifying energies are flowing into people” there. According to the believers of the theory, the world’s spiritual and intellectual renewal will happen in Hungary, and Hungarians are chosen to protect the heart of the world by preventing the constructions of residential areas and entertainment centers. They also believe that throughout Hungarian history, everyone wanted to conquer the country to own the Heart Chakra, including the Turks, Soviets; now, they think, the EU has the same intention.

Pilis, the “Heart Chakra of the Earth” (photo: pilisszentlelek.eu)


The Árpád House can be traced back to the Sumerian King Nimrod, and to Noah and even Adam

Another Hungarian origin-theory is connected to the Árpád House and the ‘mada nation’. They trace back the roots of the Hungarian language to a supposed Horita-Aramian-Sumerian-Scythican language and scripts, and think that Hungarians are descended from these groups. They claim that the even the most basic Bible readers know that Genesis is not the history of creation, but only a part of the history of mankind that starts with the mythologized Adam. They say that Adam has a ‘mada-Scythian’ name; in addition, Noah and his sons and grandson Nimrod, the Great Flood, and the Tower of Babel are all part of Hungarian prehistory as they are connected to the Scythian-Sumerians, and thus the Hungarians. This conspiracy theory also rests on an old Hungarian folk legend that  Nimrod had two sons, Hunor and Magor (or Magyar), whose descendants are the Huns and Hungarians, who spoke the same language.


Turáni átok –  Curse of Turan

The most popular origin theory of the Curse of Turan is that it is the result of Hungary’s conversion to Christianity in the year AD 1000 under King Stephen. The story goes that, at the time, the vanquished adherents of the old Hungarian religion cast a curse upon Christian Hungary to last either forever or more than a thousand years. According to the believers of the theory, some tragic events of Hungarian history, which are traditionally seen as national catastrophes, are manifestations of the Curse of Turan. These historical events include the Mongol invasion, the Battle of Mohács (1526), the Turkish invasion and subsequent 150 year of Ottoman rule, the crushing the 1848-49 Revolution and War of Independence, World War alliances, the Soviet defeat of the 1956 Revolution, and Communism. They also believe that Hungarian’s relatively short life expectancy, as well as the country’s high suicide and alcoholism rates, are also connected to the curse.


And finally, a look at three of the biggest conspiracy theorists in Hungary: Árpád F. Molnár, Ferenc Szaniszló and Gábor Széles

Árpád F. Molnár labels himself a “politically persecuted Christian, investigative journalist, human rights defender, Europe’s most prominent Echelon witness and the only member of the Illuminati, who does not serve the system”. He has created a website to “unveil the Echelon system and technology, the product of the Fenevad (the Beast), which surrounds the whole world and affects the minds of all people to destroy them in the ultimate war.” He also produces videos with for the same reasons, in which he is the reporter, the director, the producer and the editor. Additionally, he has a blog, where he has collected all of his conspiracy theories, including the HAARP, Illuminati, or the Echelon theories.

Ferenc Szaniszló hosted Hungarian television channel Echo TV’s conspiracy theory show Világpanoráma (World-Panorama), where he ‘unveiled’ the plans and background powers of liberal-bolshevist and Zionist forces that want to rule the world. He claimed that only a few hundred families “direct” the minds of all the people on the planet; that in reality, former politician of the Austrian Freedom Party, Jörg Haider, was killed with a drone, and that the 2010 red mud catastrophe in Hungary was the result of a deliberate explosion, not of negligence. He also believes that  Hungarians are chosen by God.  He has claimed that many people hate Hungarians because “they are obsessed about finding the elixir to become Hungarians and share our secrets and the benefits of being the chosen ones.”

The third theorist, Gábor Széles, a Hungarian businessman, former owner of Echo TV and president of the companies Videoton and Ikarus. In 2017, he was the sixth richest and twenty-fourth most influential person in Hungary. He believes, among other things, that gravity can be switched off. He also believes in aliens, and that they visit the earth often.

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