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Top 10 Beaches Of The “Hungarian Sea”

Robert Velkey 2017.07.06.

The quality of the beaches and shores of Lake Balaton has improved a lot, Balázs Balassa, chairman of the Balatoni Szövetség (Balaton Association), reported.

He announced the good news at the “Blue Wave Flag” awarding ceremony at Siófok. The Blue Wave Flag is a quality-rating award of the beaches around the great lake.

The Beach qualification system started 13 years ago, and it takes care of the quality of services on the beaches too. There are 90 official beaches around the Lake Balaton, said Balázs Balassa. During the ranking they checked the quality of restrooms, the shores, the cleanliness and the “family friendly surroundings” and the quality of the water too.

If you are planning to take a holiday at the Hungarian sea, here are the Here are the top 10 ranked beaches;

Vonyarcvashegy Lidó strandja

Balatongyörök Községi strandja

Gyenesdiás Diási Játékstrandja

Szigliget Községi strandfürdője

Balatonfüred Kisfaludy strandja

Balatonfüred Eszterházy strandja

Balatonlelle Napfény strandja

Csopak Községi strandja

Keszthely Városi strandja

Balatonakali Községi strandja

via: origo.hu

photos: vonyarcvashegy.hu; balcsi.net; funiq.hu; ilovebalaton.hu; balatonozz.hu; balatontipp.hu; osszkep.hu;

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