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Tom Hanks To Move To Budapest For Shooting Of New Movie “Inferno”

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.01.16.

Budapest will again host the shooting of a top-notch Hollywood movie, this time Inferno, sequel to The Da Vinci Code. Two-times Oscar winner Tom Hanks, who is to star in the film, is moving to Budapest for the period of shooting, tabloid news website Borsonline has reported. The movie is expected to be as action-packed and exciting as its precedessors, The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons.

The script of the movie, which is the third part of a sequence based on Dan Brown’s novel, is written by David Koepp and directed by Ron Howard. Other actors already known to play in the movie include Felicity Jones and Alisha Heng.

According to the website’s sources, the crew will arrive in the Hungarian capital, where most of the film is to be shot, in mid to late March. Plans are to hold fifty shooting days both in studio and open-air settings, with scenes expected to be played out in the surroundings of the Opera. The team will also visit other cities while working on the film, including Istanbul and Florence, but for a combined period of only ten days, far less than the time spent in Budapest.

It is not yet known whether the Hollywood star will follow the example of several of his colleagues and bring his family with him to Budapest for the time of shooting.

via szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu
photo: mashable.com