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Tokaj Wines: Label Could Be Reserved For Quality Sweet Wines As Region Eyes Global Markets

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.06.02.

The selection of wines sporting the world-famous Tokaj label could decrease dramatically after an advertisement agency commissioned by the wine region has proposed that it should be reserved for quality sweet wines such as Aszú and Essence.

According to Claessens International, dry wines grown in the Tokaj region in northeastern Hungary should be distributed under the label “grown in the Tokaj wine region” and references to the town and the wine region would be banished completely from cheaper wines.


The strategic vision was prepared on the basis of a public opinion survey encompassing 10 countries and over 62 000 respondents and consultation with leading actors in the wine region, the Tokaj Wine Region Development Council announced at a press conference on Tuesday. The survey also found that wines grown around Tokaj, which is among the world’s oldest wine regions, are exported currently primarily to Central and Eastern Europe but could have promising opportunities on the US, Chinese and British markets as well. The wine region adopted a comprehensive plan of reform to revamp the world-famous region’s wine production in 2013.

In an earlier article on the Mandiner.hu news website, it was revealed that China could be a primary market destination for quality Hungarian wines as 20 per cent of those opting for sweet wines in the country are already familiar with Tokaji Aszú. Another promising piece of information is that Chinese customers spend the highest amount of money – around 90 euros on wine each month of the countries examined.

The world-famous Tokaj wine region has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2002.

via mandiner.hu
photo: hotdog.hu and vinopedia.hu