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Timmermans: Europeans to Decide if They Choose Community of Values

European Union citizens will decide in six months if they want a community of values where they share their lives with each other and work together or continue a fight against each other rooted in nationalism, Frans Timmermans, First Vice-President of the European Commission, told Hungarian journalists on Tuesday.

After meeting Hungarian opposition Socialist politicians, he said,

I am calling on all Hungarians to choose the first option, and to work together with us in order to make Europe a better and fairer place where everybody has work with a decent salary and where people work together towards a Europe that is ready to face its challenges.”

Commenting on a procedure launched against Hungary concerning the rule of law, he said he could not imagine Europe without Hungary or Hungary without Europe. If current policies are maintained in Hungary, the country will become isolated within the bloc, he said. There can be no democracy without a free press or free civil organisations, he added.

Socialist leader Bertalan Tóth said his party was deeply committed to EU and NATO membership and has initiated setting up a “pro-Europe alliance” which would fight for more pro-Europe MEPs in the European Parliament.

We will continue the fight against all extremist views because we can see that an alliance is being developed in Europe which is against cooperation in the European Union and which has [Hungarian Prime Minister] Viktor Orbán as a major member.”

The Hungarian prime minister “is developing alliances with far right parties” whose policies go against the EU in order to win them power, he added.

via MTI