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The Times Author Says Hungary Was Right About The Migrant Crisis

Tamás Székely 2017.07.13.

“The Hungarian prime minister is plainly no saint but he has been right in two important respects. First, Europe really is adrift on immigration. Second, it is ultimately up to nation states to find the correct balance between incomers and residents”, says Roger Boyes in his latest opinion piece in British newspaper The Times.


In his article entitled “Hungary was right about the migrant crisis”, Roger Boyes gives a brief overview of the migrant crisis in Italy and Germany and draws the painful consequences: “It has been two years since Merkel announced her Willkommenskultur and Europe is still groping around for a solution.”

Although “Hungary was cast as the ugly face of Europe”, now it seems as if “the Hungarian model for dealing with immigration was ahead of its time”, according to the British journalist, who works as The Times correspondent in Berlin, covering Germany and northern Europe.

“Hungary doesn’t have all the answers but it recognises the migrant crisis is a rolling one”, Boyes says, urging readers to “start thinking more clearly about what that means for our frontiers and the way we are going to live our lives.”

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via; featured photo: An immigrant stuck outside of the Hungarian border in September 2015 – photo: Balázs Mohai – MTI